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The Self-Expression Project, Group 4

In group four, three designers observe and respond to an ant farm. Following the project’s overall theme, the ant farm illustrates how landscapes are altered over time. Spatial tension, destruction, movement, and adaptation inspired designers to create three unique axminster patterns.

"The ant farm was something completely different to work with. I was immediately inspired by how the ants acted in ways that seemed both incredibly structured but chaotic at the same time."

Sam Hoeffer, Designer, Brintons Americas

Design: Q01/A17441ZSE

"Further online investigation led me to learning about the “ant mill” or “ant death spiral” where the ants will follow the leader into a circle going around and around until they die of exhaustion!"

Leah Jack, VP of Design, Brintons Americas

Design: Q01/A034160SE

"I used this opportunity to express my interest in spatial tension by playing with asymmetrical lines and the layering of organic textures, leading me to create a carpet that makes a bold geometric statement. This truly was an exercise of pure creativity."

Terrien Hale, Senior Designer, Brintons Americas

Design: Q01/A028844SE

The Self-Expression Project, Group 3

A few months ago the Brintons Americas design team embarked on a journey to prove self-expression is not lost in the commercial flooring world. The team, broken up into focus groups, were asked to respond to a various pieces of inspiration – just respond.

In continuing the experiment, the third group of axminster carpet designers – Rachel Smith, Sara Di Carlo, Susan Draper, Juliana Green, and Kristen Evans – respond to an obscure sixty-two second video.

See the collection here.

Designers pulled inspiration from the disconnected but fluid nature of the film’s cadence, while expressing themselves without any parameters to follow. Each designer seems to be drawn to a different aspect of the video; material contrasts, audible texture, or the overarching theme of time and change.

Interact with the designs on DSO.

“The video inspired me to get away from my desk and design process somewhere completely unrelated to carpet. I needed to step out of the axminster box to create something not just for the sake of flooring but for the sake of invention and beauty.”

Rachel Smith, Senior Designer, Brintons Americas

Design: Q01/A16725ZSE

“All of the elements in the video experienced some sort of physical change: pieces of paper were burnt or crumpled, surfaces were stained, and objects were moved out of place. I started the process with an image of a worn out piece of cloth and played with movement, color, and depth to achieve my final design.”

Sara Di Carlo, Design Consultant, Brintons Americas

Design: Q01/A20334ZSE

“I initially went in several directions, seeing the film as both fragmented but rhythmic and displaced but direct. Inspired by the repetition of pathways, I painted with ink and watercolor then drew into it following the flow of edges created by the settled paint.”

Susan Draper, Senior Designer, Brintons Americas

Design: Q01/A033336SE

“Mixing different organic elements, rhythms and temperatures were the inspiration for this design. I approached this design like a kid making a playful chemical experiment with stuff from his garden.”

Juliana Green, Designer, Brintons Americas

Design: Q01/A029633SE

"From the beginning, I was drawn toward the idea of combining unexpected elements – the circle shape of the water drain meets lines from the pine straw and the organic volume of the smoke harmonizes with the texture formed from simple tissue paper."

Kristen Evans, Designer, Brintons Americas

Design: Q01/A033094SE

The Self-Expression Project, Group 2

Self-expression is not lost in the commercial flooring world – especially with custom axminster carpet.

Our designers, each creating from a particular paradigm, have their own style and methods of solving problems that are unique to the individual. This creative distinction, paired with the Brintons technology and weaving expertise, allows for our team to produce unparalleled solutions reflecting the expressions of the designer – and client.

Continuing the experiment:

Are we limited to pulling content from visual mood boards or is there more to inspiration? Inspiration is everywhere, right? It is our job to harness it, to manufacture great design and weave compelling carpet. We are a community of creatives, with a multitude of ways to express ourselves, living in a world full of catalysts. So no, we aren’t limited to just images. Listen to this playlist. Churn out some carpet. Let the sound be your theme. Let your emotion choose your color. Let the rhythm dictate your line work. Express yourself.

Listen here.

"I was immediately drawn to the Pixies track "Wave of Mutilation" for its manic energy. I began to think of the song in terms of layers of sounds that build upon each other. I thought about how I could use multiple layers to mimic different instruments."

Katie Nehrbauer, Senior Designer, Brintons Americas

Design: Q01/A17441ZSE

"Music is as personal to the listener as art is to the viewer; some are drawn to how the music is composed while others are pulled in by the lyrics. I took the general theme of the playlist [time] and focused on one line from a song – 'the moments that make up a dull day'."

Mandy Middlehurst, Senior Designer, Brintons Americas

Design: Q02/A15778ZSE

"Being challenged with a playlist, as opposed to an image, allowed us to work in a very abstract way using our emotional response to the sound to guide us. I started with a simple theme, the lines on a music score, then explored how these lines could be distorted."

Elaine Traynor, Senior Design Consultant, Brintons Americas

Design: Q03/A026981SE

Brintons and Timorous Beasties to launch Craigend Collection at Clerkenwell Design Week 2018

Brintons will launch the new Craigend Collection designed by long-term collaborators Timorous Beasties at Clerkenwell Design Week 2018. Taking over St Johns Square the collection will be debuted in a pop-up installation designed by Studio Shaw Architects.

Famous for their outstanding diversity of pattern, Scottish design duo Timorous Beasties will present Craigend, their third collection with Brintons. Named after Craigend Place, home of the Glasgow based Timorous Beasties studio and birth place of the designs, the collection name is also inspired by the old Gaelic word ‘Creag’, which means rock.

This commercial collection is inspired by textures and surfaces found naturally underfoot, including sand dunes, stone moss and lichen, all reimagined in the Brintons’ signature 80/20 blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon. With Craigend, Timorous Beasties have called upon their fascination with the often-brutal beauty of the natural world, as well as taking aesthetic inspiration from different crafting materials including paint, ink and fabric.

The installation at Clerkenwell Design Week will showcase a unique selection of woven carpets taken from the new Craigend Collection. Visitors will be taken on a journey through the pop-up installation, where the full-scale patterns will transport the audience into a world inspired by the textures and sights of the natural world.

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