The Self-Expression Project, Group 4

In group four, three designers observe and respond to an ant farm. Following the project’s overall theme, the ant farm illustrates how landscapes are altered over time. Spatial tension, destruction, movement, and adaptation inspired designers to create three unique axminster patterns.

"The ant farm was something completely different to work with. I was immediately inspired by how the ants acted in ways that seemed both incredibly structured but chaotic at the same time."

Sam Hoeffer, Designer, Brintons Americas

Design: Q01/A17441ZSE

"Further online investigation led me to learning about the “ant mill” or “ant death spiral” where the ants will follow the leader into a circle going around and around until they die of exhaustion!"

Leah Jack, VP of Design, Brintons Americas

Design: Q01/A034160SE

"I used this opportunity to express my interest in spatial tension by playing with asymmetrical lines and the layering of organic textures, leading me to create a carpet that makes a bold geometric statement. This truly was an exercise of pure creativity."

Terrien Hale, Senior Designer, Brintons Americas

Design: Q01/A028844SE

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