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Year in Review: 2017

In the past few years we've seen a massive uptick in the use of blue acting as a neutral base for hospitality carpets. This contemporary color treatment was not forgotten in 2017 – here are some of our favorite moments from last year washed in oceans of cool moody texture.

Project: JB Duke Hotel

2017 kicked off with the grand opening of JB Duke Hotel in Durham, NC fit with 9,600 SY of custom axminster carpets and 600 SF of custom hand tufted rugs from Brintons. Inspiration for the carpet designs was drawn from fallen forest leaves, dappled light shining through a tree canopy and flowing river rock patterns which intertwine throughout the building in hues of deep blue and bronze. Read more.

Collection: Terra-Grit

In April, Brintons Americas launched Terra-Grit globally at BDwest in Los Angeles, California. The overall theme of the collection is rooted in the need for authenticity in design: utilizing hand-made textures and brushstrokes, celebrating a design's humble beginnings. Read more.

Trends: Retrospective

We ended 2017 taking a step back, slowing down, and reconnecting with our roots. After reflecting on our prolific relationship with Stacy Garcia, Retrospective was created to celebrate almost a decade of collaborative success. See the full Retrospective collection here.

Trends: Surface Tension

We see equal parts exposed aging surfaces harmonizing with the deluge of watery texture flooding the hospitality scene. For added interest, thin geometrics float in and out of these conflicting elements. See our January 2018 #discoverDSO for a collection of contrasting axminster carpet designs recolored with a moody palette of blue-grays.

January color story inspired by oceans of blue-gray texture:

#discoverDSO -

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