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BDNY 2019 Designed Spaces

For two days, Boutique Design New York brings together the crème de la crème of manufactures and designers in the hospitality industry to show up and show out – encouraging discovery, education, and conversation.

HVS Design teamed up with Brintons to create Fig & Fable, “an enchanting Coffee Bar experience that appeals to all senses while evoking a sense of discovery.” For this stunning 2019 Designed Spaces exhibit, HVS Design and Brintons developed a 20 ft by 50 ft display featuring an oversized floral carpet reminiscent of magnolia leaves.

When creating a space, the carpet has a longer turnaround time. From the beginning the flooring is an integral element in which everything else falls into place afterward. Nailing down the carpet design, brought about the inspiration: Adam and Eve’s Garden of Eden.

“To set the design apart and make a true showstopper rug, I wanted to take advantage of a sophisticated 24-color palette that used a variety of soft neutral shades with lush green and warm gold accents that complemented the booth’s finishes. With more colors to work with, I could make the design look very refined and luxurious. Combining gradient effects and textural layering to add depth and details, my goal was to have this floral design stand on its own and have people guessing if it was actually Axminster carpet.”

Kathryn Nehrbauer - Senior Designer | Brintons

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