Bar with Brintons carpet

Carpet is the flooring of choice to create an energetic and inviting atmosphere. It can immediately project the ambiance and impart your distinctive image to your patrons.

Brintons both offer both stock and custom woven Axminster carpet in broadloom and tile for clubs, spas, theaters, restaurants, and other leisure activity centers. In fact, Brintons is uniquely qualified to provide a combination of custom woven broadloom and tile products that offer unmatched quality construction. This includes excellent appearance retention, dimensional stability, no snagging or zippering, no delimitation of backing, ease of installation, and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Offered in the standard 80/20 wool-nylon yarn blends or 100% nylon, Brintons' custom products and readily available stocked range styles meet stringent performance standards for commercial interiors, including flammability and fire code standards.

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