In a Brintons Axminster carpet each tuft of yarn is woven and locked into place by shots of backing yarn to create a strong, integrated three-dimensional structure.

This method of manufacturing carpet creates a high-performance floor covering while allowing for the creation of complex detailed designs.

cut & loop wilton

Elevate guest experience with a plush all loop woven Wilton or play with different cut percentages to achieve luxurious texture rich guest room carpeting. These sophisticated textured options hide stains and provide much needed visual depth to minimal contemporary interiors.

Brintons 100% wool Wilton allows designers to incorporate dynamic effects in high-quality guest room flooring offering unparalleled dimension and irresistible tactility.

axminster carpet Tiles

If you want your commercial project to have the design impact of an Axminster carpet, but you need the practicality of a tile, then Brintons Axminster tiles offer the perfect solution.

With our critical match capability we can reproduce almost any design in a tile to give you the ultimate broadloom-in-a-box solution. Our 36"x36" tiles are available with comfort backing or bitumen backing.

Hand tufted

If you are looking to create the ultimate, luxurious interior then look no further. We create high-quality hand tufted rugs and wall-to-wall carpets using the finest materials.

The opportunities with hand tufted are almost limitless in terms of color, design capabilities and textural effects. The size and scale of our hand tufted carpets are only limited by our physical capability to transport extremely large pieces.

machine tufted carpets

Brintons provides access to two different tufting technologies – ColorPoint & Infinity – catering to a variety of applications and budgets.

A Brintons machine tufted carpet marries the allure of cut and loop texture with the strength of 100% solution dyed nylon yarn produced in the USA making them perfect for guest rooms.

Resilient Flooring

Steeped in heritage, Brintons is a trusted name in the soft flooring world. These additional products offer you the opportunity to specify hard flooring with the confidence of Brintons’ service and experience.

The SPC product gives you the feeling of natural wood while the Quantum X™ technology adds an industry leading protective layer for wear resistance. Engineered to be waterproof and undeniably durable, Brintons resilient flooring is suitable for any application where resilient floors are desired.

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