Brintons offers a range of product specifications to meet a wide range of commercial applications.

We also offer speciality products for projects with specific needs around static control, access flooring and fade resistance.


In a Brintons Axminster carpet each tuft of yarn is woven and locked into place by shots of backing yarn to create a strong, integrated three-dimensional structure.

This method of carpet manufacture not only creates a high-performance floor covering which meet the demands of the heaviest traffic areas it also allows for the creation of complex designs incorporating multiple colour and yarn combinations.


Brintons are also renowned for our cut pile woven Wiltons. Our Wilton carpets are made on face-to-face looms where two carpets are woven at the same time.

We can achieve a number of textures in our Wilton carpets from hard twists to super plush velvets. Whilst the majority of our Wiltons are plain we can also create striking stripy designs to give a dramatic burst of colour and texture.


If you want your commercial project to have the design impact of an Axminster carpet, but you need the practicality of a tile, then Brintons Axminster tiles offer the perfect solution.

With our critical match capability we can reproduce almost any broadloom design in a tile to give you the ultimate broadloom-in-a-box solution. Our tiles are comfort backed and are available in two sizes 0.91m x 0.91m and 0.48m x 0.48m.


If you are looking to create the ultimate, luxurious interior then look no further - we can create the most exquisite handtufted rugs and wall-to-wall carpets using the finest virgin wools.

The opportunities with handtuft are almost limitless, in terms of colour, design treatments and textural effects. The size and scale of our handtuft carpets are only limited by our physical capability to transport extremely large pieces.


To offer you a complete soft flooring solution we also offer a range of tufted carpets – produced specifically for your commercial interior.

Our tufted carpets come in a variety of styles - cut, loop or a combination of the two. We also offer wool-rich, nylon and solution-dyed nylon (SDN) depending on your project needs. Whilst tufted carpets do not offer the same design flexibility or performance as a Brintons Axminster they can provide a cost effective alternative where budget is of critical importance.


To complement our extensive range of stock and custom carpets, Brintons also offers its own underlay.

A Brintons carpet installed on a Brinlay™ underlay not only extends the performance of your Brintons carpet but is part of our ultimate warranty upgrade for added peace of mind installations.