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The Self-Expression Project, Group 1

The Idea:

Self-expression is not lost in the commercial flooring world – especially with custom axminster carpet.

Our designers, each creating from a particular paradigm, have their own style and methods of solving problems that are unique to the individual. This creative distinction, paired with the Brintons technology and weaving expertise, allows for our team to produce unparalleled solutions reflecting the expressions of the designer – and client.

The Project:

A piece of inspiration, in this case a Gordon Williams photograph (pictured above), was submitted to a small group of Brintons Americas designers – Amy LaGuire, Paul Andino, and Nona Thornton – with the task to simply respond to it. Just respond.

Due to the nature of the Brintons weaving capability, our designers have virtually limitless possibilities in terms of scale and repeat size. The creative team also have the freedom of utilizing the Brintons High Definition Weave technology allowing them to get their point across using thirty-two different color channels – the most advanced in the industry.

Designers worked independently for two weeks, convened for university-styled critiques, then fine-tuned their work through the lens of studio culture and peer review.

See the collection here: The Self-Expression Project, Group 1

The Response:

The result – a handful of authentic and artful designs, born directly from the brains of Brintons Americas designers, showing process and highlighting skillful self-expression.

Download the collection brochure here: The Self-Expression Project, Group 1​

“Looking back on the process – I was immediately drawn to the material nature of hanging fabric in the photograph due to my background in studying fibers. I saw the entire piece as a whole and wanted to deconstruct it like a sewing pattern by concentrating on the areas of light vs. shadow in the fabric folds."

Nona Thornton, Designer, Brintons Americas

Design: Q01/A17019ZSE

“The idea of being inspired by a photo image and designing without losing our own design aesthetic was truly powerful. Once we establish a design style and maintain that confidence with the client, the results are a continuous successful relationship. To me, this is what we aim for as carpet designers.”

Paul Andino, Senior Designer, Brintons Americas

Design: Q01/A14888ZSE

“Because of my background in interior design, I tend to look at the inspiration and work backwards with the understanding of what the end manufactured product will be – axminster carpet. The palette, based on the contemporary hospitality-appropriate colors, keeps the design versatile and applicable.”

Amy LaGuire, Designer, Brintons Americas

Design: Q01/A15577ZSE

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