The Self-Expression Project, Group 3

A few months ago the Brintons Americas design team embarked on a journey to prove self-expression is not lost in the commercial flooring world. The team, broken up into focus groups, were asked to respond to a various pieces of inspiration – just respond.

In continuing the experiment, the third group of axminster carpet designers – Rachel Smith, Sara Di Carlo, Susan Draper, Juliana Green, and Kristen Evans – respond to an obscure sixty-two second video.

See the collection here.

Designers pulled inspiration from the disconnected but fluid nature of the film’s cadence, while expressing themselves without any parameters to follow. Each designer seems to be drawn to a different aspect of the video; material constrasts, audible texture, or the overarching theme of time and change.

Interact with the designs on DSO.

“The video inspired me to get away from my desk and design process somewhere completely unrelated to carpet. I needed to step out of the axminster box to create something not just for the sake of flooring but for the sake of invention and beauty.”

Rachel Smith, Senior Designer, Brintons Americas

Design: Q01/A16725ZSE

“All of the elements in the video experienced some sort of physical change: pieces of paper were burnt or crumpled, surfaces were stained, and objects were moved out of place. I started the process with an image of a worn out piece of cloth and played with movement, color, and depth to achieve my final design.”

Sara Di Carlo, Design Consultant, Brintons Americas

Design: Q01/A20334ZSE

“I initially went in several directions, seeing the film as both fragmented but rhythmic and displaced but direct. Inspired by the repetition of pathways, I painted with ink and watercolor then drew into it following the flow of edges created by the settled paint.”

Susan Draper, Senior Designer, Brintons Americas

Design: Q01/A033336SE

“Mixing different organic elements, rhythms and temperatures were the inspiration for this design. I approached this design like a kid making a playful chemical experiment with stuff from his garden.”

Juliana Green, Designer, Brintons Americas

Design: Q01/A029633SE

"From the beginning, I was drawn toward the idea of combining unexpected elements – the circle shape of the water drain meets lines from the pine straw and the organic volume of the smoke harmonizes with the texture formed from simple tissue paper."

Kristen Evans, Designer, Brintons Americas

Design: Q01/A033094SE

Brintons awards prize for Design Innovation at Birmingham City University

The Birmingham City University (BCU) textile students showcase is the culmination of three years of study from their graduating students. The work on display is very diverse and highly individual, from concept to actualisation, representing the future career aspirations and developed aesthetic of the students.

BCU invited our Commercial Marketing Manager, Sarah Draper and Creative Designer, Kay Jones to the School of Fashion and Textiles Graduate Show and asked us to award a prize for Design Innovation.

The team selected Danielle Smith, BA (Hons) Textile Design (Constructed Textiles) work. The project was titled 'Tranquillam Viventem'. Danielle created a collection of serene, tactile and inspiring material concepts, influenced by spiritual wellbeing and Feng Shui.

Image top right: Danielle Smith (left) Kay Jones (right)

On trend: Sempreverde

Introducing Sempreverde, the latest trend from Brintons Australia. Curated by Christie Arulappu, Senior Designer in Brintons Melbourne office, Sempreverde offers a captivating and enchanting take on the evergreen palette.

Dark, moody and sophisticated - Sempreverde explores the duality of nature - its brutal transience and power to restore and heal. Escape reality for a moment and lose yourself in the Sempreverde trend.

The Forest Will Provide

I can still hear my grandfather's words; The forest will provide. The forest will provide.

Should your mind ever fall ill, from this modern world of cheap thrills; The forest will provide.

Should you ever long for something real; tired eyes from all this concrete and steel. The forest will provide.

Should you find yourself cold and lost in search, of the days of old, living one with the Earth; the forest will provide.

It is in your blood to survive, to live free from this world of nine to five. The forest will provide.

By Native Intuition

"The hero of the trend is Hemlock - a poisonously enticing shade of the deepest green.

It is warm and embracing with its velvet underground tones.

Hemlock's antidote lie with charcoal, navy, cool greys, creams and warm sienna."

Christie Arulappu, Brintons

Experiment with the evergreen palette and explore the Sempreverde designs in our interactive design studio.

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