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Building Blocks of Color

In celebration of Blokwerk from Oren Sherman turning two this month, we've revisited five original corridor patterns. The building blocks of color; red, yellow, and blue, bring us back to the true basics of this De Stijl inspired axminster design collection.

Immersed in the widely influential waters of the De Stijl movement, Blokwerk from Oren Sherman presents a collection of carefully composed designs offering an innovative solution to corridor design. Oren Sherman brings a restrained simplicity to the world of axminster, resulting in the truly collaborative collection of elementally flexible designs.

Constructed with harmonious textures and contemporary color, Blokwerk offers a multitude of ways to balance color and shape, manage scale and proportion, turn corners, and extend perspectives.

In case you missed it – Oren Sherman shares his behind-the-scenes inspiration with Interiors+Sources. Read the article here: 'The A-Ha Moment' by Jenna Lippin.

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