Our custom carpet collections can be rescaled or recoloured to meet your specific requirements.

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  • Vantage by Stacy Garcia

    Inspired by biomimicry, the Vantage collection by Stacy Garcia for Brintons looks to nature, emulating patterns and visuals found in environments weathered by hundreds of years’ worth of adaptation and natural selection.

    View collection - Vantage by Stacy Garcia
    17 designs
  • The Parlor

    Inspired by a space defined by community, The Parlor hinges on successful collaboration and exists as a conduit for unapologetic creation.

    View collection - The Parlor
    12 designs
  • Materialize by Stacy Garcia

    Imagine the initial spark of inspiration. Consider what a fascinating journey it must be to become a physical reality; a journey that is too ofter overlooked once the final creation unveiled.

    View collection - Materialize by Stacy Garcia
    16 designs
  • The Self-Expression Project, Group 5

    All in due time: As the year long creative venture comes to a close, the last group of self-expression project designers respond to a more literal representation of time - the sundial. Designers studied the object for two weeks before diving in and translating their thoughts into axminster carpet.

    View collection - The Self-Expression Project, Group 5
    4 designs
  • The Self-Expression Project, Group 4

    In group four, three designers observe and respond to an ant farm.

    View collection - The Self-Expression Project, Group 4
    3 designs
  • The Self-Expression Project, Group 3

    In continuing the experiment, the third group of designers respond to an obscure sixty-two second video.

    View collection - The Self-Expression Project, Group 3
    5 designs
  • The Self-Expression Project, Group 2

    Are we limited to pulling content from visual mood boards or is there more to inspiration?

    View collection - The Self-Expression Project, Group 2
    3 designs
  • The Self-Expression Project, Group 1

    Self-expression is not lost in the commercial flooring world – especially with custom axminster carpet.

    View collection - The Self-Expression Project, Group 1
    3 designs
  • Studio Elke Composite Collection

    Brintons debut custom collection with Studio Elke, a multi-disciplinary design studio led by founder and Creative Director, Elke Kramer

    View collection - Studio Elke Composite Collection
    28 designs
  • Nine by Brintons

    Guided by self-expression, the Brintons design team have again poured their individual creativity into a new Axminster carpet tile collection.

    View collection - Nine by Brintons
    9 designs
  • Timorous Beasties Craigend Collection

    Famous for their outstanding diversity of pattern, Craigend is Scottish design duo Timorous Beasties third collection with Brintons. Named after Craigend Place, home of the Glasgow based Timorous Beasties studio and birth place of the designs, the collection name is also inspired by the old Gaelic word ‘Creag’, which means rock.

    View collection - Timorous Beasties Craigend Collection
    25 designs
  • Oscillation 2

    [os-cil-la-tion] 1. the action or state of oscillating 2. variation, fluctuation

    View collection - Oscillation 2
    14 designs
  • Terra-Grit

    a celebration of process; excavated layers constructed with authentic textures born from dirty hands

    View collection - Terra-Grit
    9 designs
  • Credence

    Credence is a diverse collection that is heavily influenced by the juxtaposition of exposed surfaces and the unique imprints produced by natural phenomena.

    View collection - Credence
    12 designs
  • Inspirations

    Brintons Inspirations channels the beauty of architecture, geometrical graphics, waves of the tropics and the latest colour and fashion creating a collection inspired by global trends.

    View collection - Inspirations
    12 designs
  • Kelly Hoppen

    The Kelly Hoppen by Brintons collection brings the designer’s unparalleled eye for trend-leading design to the commercial carpet sector.

    View collection - Kelly Hoppen
    13 designs
  • Stacy Garcia x Brintons Retrospective

    This retrospective traces the prolific eight year partnership of Stacy Garcia and Brintons. This digital exhibit offers a concise sampling of work which underscores a love for pattern and an emphasis on collaborative process.

    View collection - Stacy Garcia x Brintons Retrospective
    17 designs
  • Mazij

    The Mazij collection embodies a unique melange of Middle Eastern; art, culture and geography drawing inspiration from intricate Islamic patterns and the natural beauty of its terrain.

    View collection - Mazij
    35 designs
  • BLOKWERK from Oren Sherman

    Brintons is excited to announce BLOKWERK, a collection constructed with harmonious textures and contemporary color palettes that offer an innovative solution to corridor design.

    Download brochure - BLOKWERK from Oren Sherman
    16 designs
  • Novae

    Derived from elements of the universe, Novae comes to life with innovative designs which invite the mind on an adventure that will ignite any interior.

    Download brochure - Novae
    87 designs
  • Stacy Garcia - Altered Gravity

    Altered Gravity is the 8th collaborative collection from Brintons and Stacy Garcia. In this collection abstract expressionism collides with contemporary graphic design and digitally rendered textures.

    Download brochure - Stacy Garcia - Altered Gravity
    14 designs
  • Stacy Garcia - Camp Revamp

    Blurring the lines between Kitsch and high art the Camp Revamp mixes humorous theatrics and outrageous aesthetics delivering a collection of rebellious sophistication

    Download brochure - Stacy Garcia - Camp Revamp
    44 designs
  • Stacy Garcia - Dark Fairytale

    Dark Fairytale is Brintons fourth collaboration with award winning American hospitality designer Stacy Garcia. Influenced by darkness and drama, Dark Fairytale brings to life the mystique and intrigue of our favourite fairy tales. The collection offers designs embellished with shadowy imagery, forest tones, dark feminine motifs and Gothic influences. *This collection carries a price premium.

    View collection - Stacy Garcia - Dark Fairytale
    39 designs
  • Stacy Garcia - Nuance

    The Nuance collection attempts to encapsulate the beauty of the Ephemeral world. Utilising shifting colours and bold patterns the collection channels both nature and the built environment.

    Download brochure - Stacy Garcia - Nuance
    33 designs
  • Stacy Garcia - Nouveau Boho

    The ‘Nouveau Boho’ collection is inspired by fashion and journey. It features gorgeous texture, alluring color and distinctive layered motifs – paired unexpectedly to embrace the free spirit in all of us.

    View collection - Stacy Garcia - Nouveau Boho
    37 designs
  • Stacy Garcia - Speakeasy

    Inspired by the roaring twenties Speakeasy can be characterised by a distinct decorative elegance, refined glamour and an undeniable undercurrent of fun.

    Download brochure - Stacy Garcia - Speakeasy
    40 designs
  • Stacy Garcia - The Curator

    Discover an eccentric gallery of wonderfully mastered designs. The Curator is a contemporary take on a well-travelled aesthetic that incorporates relics from all over the world.

    Download brochure - Stacy Garcia - The Curator
    37 designs
  • Stacy Garcia - Urban Nomad

    Free of regard and conventional rules this collection highlights an exciting blend of organic paisleys, ornamental medallions, and henna inspired motifs.

    Download brochure - Stacy Garcia - Urban Nomad
    42 designs
  • Virginia Langley Camélia Rose

    Camélia Rose embraces classic imagery, infused with a contemporary abstract style. Virginia Langley

    Download brochure - Virginia Langley Camélia Rose
    11 designs
  • Virginia Langley - Arenzano

    Arenzano is inspired by the wild elements of nature: exotic birds, patterns in stone, and animal skin textures interpreted into modern abstract images.

    Download brochure - Virginia Langley - Arenzano
    18 designs
  • Virginia Langley - Ciranda

    Influenced by the traditional Brazilian dance - Circanda is comprised of vivacious and hypnotic movements, creates an inviting environment of harmony and grace.

    Download brochure - Virginia Langley - Ciranda
    14 designs
  • Perceptions

    Download brochure - Perceptions
    78 designs
  • Convex

    Convex, Brintons first axminster tile collection, offers freedom of choice for the designer through a mix and match concept allowing ultimate flexibility.

    View collection - Convex
    40 designs
  • Genesis

    Created to provide the first spark of inspiration for a new project, Genesis embodies a variety of styles from large-scale organics and abstract asymmetricals to whimsical modern designs.

    Download brochure - Genesis
    60 designs
  • Hand Painted Sketches

    Inspired by original hand painted artworks from the Brintons archive, this collection offers four diverse categories of unique authentic axminster carpet designs.

    View collection - Hand Painted Sketches
    47 designs
  • High Definition Weave

    A new perspective on Carpet Design

    Download brochure - High Definition Weave
    77 designs