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Lorrie Langdon Ice Dyeing Journey

From Residential Customer Service Manager to Marine Project Coordinator, Lorrie Langdon has donned many hats in her 20+ years with Brintons.

Residing in Mississippi, Lorrie spends her days coordinating fast-paced marine projects while she moonlights as a talented fiber artist. Though she thrives in the organizational part of her job, Lorrie seeks to stretch those creative muscles at the end of each day.

What began as a way to continue her grandmother-in-law’s legacy turned into a curious passion for different kinds of textile art. When chatting with Lorrie she said it would be “such a shame that no one would be able to continue this on when she passes." This thought inspired Lorrie to teach herself quilting a few years back.

Immersing herself in the world of quilting, Langdon discovered a generous community on Instagram.

She recounts an occasion where she had a scrap of material that she wanted to make a baby quilt from.

In hopes of finding more of the fabric, she tagged the original designer who responded to her claiming to have, “a ton of that.” Langdon remembers how insistent the designer was to not let her pay for anything – nothing, not even shipping!

Throughout the years, Lorrie's dabbled in various artistic outlets such as cross-stitching and quilting however, recently Mrs. Langdon has started ice dyeing custom fabrics in her home studio.

Captivated by the stunning quilts produced by Brooke Biette, Langdon sought to replicate her ice dyeing technique – adding a new dimension to her craft.

The process starts by soaking the fabric in a solution for half an hour then stretching it out with a carefully composed mix of ice cubes and powdered dyes placed on top. Once the ice and dye are arranged, Lorrie waits for 24 hours before rinsing the material.

Stressing that there is a learning curve to overcome in figuring out how much ice and dye are needed, Lorrie explains "the process isn't easy, but I fell in love with how no two pieces are identical and you never get the same results twice."

She’s since ice dyed pillow covers and face masks, used the new technique to take her quilts to the next level and even had the designs translated into the gorgeous Brintons Axminster patterns below.

We’re honored to have such a creative artist on our team at Brintons. Go show her some love by following her on Instagram here and head on over to our Design Studio Online (DSO) to play with recolors and flood these beauties into a room scene.

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