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Providing Perspective During a Time of Uncertainty

Brintons has been at the forefront of the woven carpet industry since its inception in 1783, only seven years after The United States declared independence. Since that time the company has been through countless European as well as global wars, unstable economies and numerous pandemics.

Through these years of uncertainty, Brintons has designed and implemented its own looms, pioneered the use of the now industry-wide standard yarn blend consisting of 80% wool and 20% nylon, successfully broke into the Americas market and acquired F.D. Agnella in Poland in 2015. This acquisition further strengthened the company’s commercial position in key European markets while extending the service to clients across the globe.

In the past 237 years, Brintons has not only endured, they have thrived.

At the core of Brintons are strong, resilient and resourceful people, some who are fourth, fifth and sixth generation team members. Since 1783, this team, as time has proven, has adapted and weathered the storm.

Today brings new challenges. We are seeing nations around the world under lockdown while ‘stay-at-home’ orders are starting across the United States due to the Coronavirus. Championing integrity as a core value, we wanted to honestly relay to all of our clients how Brintons is being affected and what to expect in the coming days.

These mandated shutdowns are causing us to cease operations at some of our facilities as well as presenting challenges in obtaining raw materials. With our global footprint we are able to continue producing and shipping our award-winning carpet even with these short-term supply chain issues. The mandated government shutdowns at some of our existing plants will directly contribute to extended lead-times and we will do everything possible to ensure our commitments are met to best of our ability during this global pandemic.

We are committed to transparency in our operations and will work to update our teams and clients as news arises regarding the Coronavirus pandemic. At this time Brintons is ensuring our staff and their families are safe and healthy. The majority of our teams are working from home and practicing the social distancing we need to collectively shut the spread of the virus down. We are actively working on projects daily and we are here to help in any way possible.

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COVID-19 Coronavirus

Dear Customer, client and followers of Brintons worldwide.

These are very clearly difficult times for the world as nations try to combat the global pandemic. At Brintons the safety of our people remains paramount and in line with advice from governments around the globe we have taken measures to close our offices worldwide and ensure our colleagues can work from the home environment.

We have also had to face the difficult decision to begin the process of suspending operations where appropriate to ensure the safety of our workforce.

These are unprecedented times. Please rest assured that your usual contacts are only a phone call away and much of the early stage work on custom projects can still continue, but we appreciate that for many businesses this will not be a priority.

Furthermore any orders for UK residential stock are therefore temporarily suspended with immediate effect.

We urge you to stay safe and to heed the medical advice, and together we look forward to the conclusion of this terrible pandemic soon.

Duccio Baldi
Chief Executive
Brintons Carpets Ltd

Introducing The Parlor Collection

Talented designers across North and South America transform four inky sketches into twelve one of a kind Axminster carpets.

Based on the Exquisite Corpse game, invented by Surrealist artists in the 1920s, our designers released their unconscious imagination as they filled in one-fourth of a drawing before leaving half an inch exposed and shipping the game to the next player.

After the pages were filled, the sketches were photographed and distributed to designers to be translated into woven Axminster carpet.

The result of this exercise was better than any of us could have hoped for. Inspired by a space defined by community, The Parlor depends entirely on successful collaboration. Woven in our 80% wool, 20% nylon yarn blend, carpets from the Parlor collection offer customers the best combination of performance, longevity and luxury underfoot. Check out the entire Parlor collection here.

Check out the collection and see how these exquisite designs can enhance your next commercial project using our Design Studio Online recoloration tool.

BDNY 2019 Designed Spaces

For two days, Boutique Design New York brings together the crème de la crème of manufactures and designers in the hospitality industry to show up and show out – encouraging discovery, education, and conversation.

HVS Design teamed up with Brintons to create Fig & Fable, “an enchanting Coffee Bar experience that appeals to all senses while evoking a sense of discovery.” For this stunning 2019 Designed Spaces exhibit, HVS Design and Brintons developed a 20 ft by 50 ft display featuring an oversized floral carpet reminiscent of magnolia leaves.

When creating a space, the carpet has a longer turnaround time. From the beginning the flooring is an integral element in which everything else falls into place afterward. Nailing down the carpet design, brought about the inspiration: Adam and Eve’s Garden of Eden.

“To set the design apart and make a true showstopper rug, I wanted to take advantage of a sophisticated 24-color palette that used a variety of soft neutral shades with lush green and warm gold accents that complemented the booth’s finishes. With more colors to work with, I could make the design look very refined and luxurious. Combining gradient effects and textural layering to add depth and details, my goal was to have this floral design stand on its own and have people guessing if it was actually Axminster carpet.”

Kathryn Nehrbauer - Senior Designer | Brintons

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