Introducing The Parlor Collection

Talented designers across North and South America transform four inky sketches into twelve one of a kind Axminster carpets.

Based on the Exquisite Corpse game, invented by Surrealist artists in the 1920s, our designers released their unconscious imagination as they filled in one-fourth of a drawing before leaving half an inch exposed and shipping the game to the next player.

After the pages were filled, the sketches were photographed and distributed to designers to be translated into woven Axminster carpet.

The result of this exercise was better than any of us could have hoped for. Inspired by a space defined by community, The Parlor depends entirely on successful collaboration. Woven in our 80% wool, 20% nylon yarn blend, carpets from the Parlor collection offer customers the best combination of performance, longevity and luxury underfoot. Check out the entire Parlor collection here.

Check out the collection and see how these exquisite designs can enhance your next commercial project using our Design Studio Online recoloration tool.

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