Modern Drift

an inspirational carpet collection

Brintons proudly presents our Self Expression Winter 2024 collection from Terrien Hale, Senior Designer.

A captivating fusion of innovation and nature-inspired design, Modern Drift narrates a tale of rebirth transforming forgotten elements into contemporary masterpieces. This collection blends eclectic rustic charm with the organic elegance of driftwood offering an ode to the raw, the reclaimed, and the resplendently modern.

Venture where nature’s rugged beauty meets industrial allure. Choose the patterns as they are shown here or customize them to your specific needs.

Carpets in the Modern Drift range

About Terrien Hale, Designer of Modern Drift

Terrien, a seasoned artist with 25 years in carpet design and three decades as an assemblage artist, draws upon a rich tapestry of experience, harmonizes meticulous design with nature's beauty. Her journey is an exploration of the intersection between meticulous design and the raw beauty of found objects, a harmony she has cultivated with an ardent love for nature. Through her hands, discarded elements find new life, seamlessly blending the organic and the crafted into narratives that echo the attributes of the natural world. Terrien's art is a celebration of the symbiosis between design expertise, assemblage artistry, and the profound beauty discovered in the embrace of the natural world.

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