"One’s Destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things." - Henry Miller

Brintons proudly presents our Self Expression Summer 2023 collection from Mandy Middlehurst, Senior Designer.

Inspired by a sense of exploration and the ever-changing perspective encountered through life’s travels. Rove bridges art and design through three patterns visualized in three colorways: strong & sophisticated, bright & bold, and soft & subtle. Embrace a new outlook and the spirit of adventure where the interplay of color and pattern embarks on an endless journey of self-discovery and introspection.

Choose the patterns as they are shown or customize them to your specific needs. Join in the self-expression at Brintons Design Studio Online (

About Mandy Middlehurst, Designer of Rove

Mandy has worked at Brintons for almost 10 years as a Senior Designer. Starting her carpet design career in England in 1991 as a presentation artist, she eventually relocated to the US in January 2004 to serve the DC / MD area and now resides in Chelsea, Alabama. She has over 25 years of carpet design experience.

In her spare time, Mandy enjoys traveling, painting by numbers, and adult coloring books which all serve as a great source of inspiration for carpet design and color palettes.

I love to travel near and far to encounter new places, experiences, and different foods. Soaking up the culture and atmosphere is always fun and interesting, and I enjoy wandering around the cities of my travels without an end destination to see where I end up.

Mandy Middlehurst

Brintons Senior Designer

Carpets in the Rove range