an inspirational carpet collection

Brintons proudly presents our Self Expression Spring 2024 collection from Sam Hoeffer, Senior Designer.

Through a heartfelt introspection emerges a captivating new design collection. Flourish delves into the intricate tapestry of personal growth, presenting six whimsical designs inspired by nature's ever-evolving beauty.

Drawn from the delicate veins of a leaf, the weathered bark of a tree, and the labyrinthine stems of fungi and slime molds, each pattern eloquently narrates a tale of transformation and renewal, brought to life by vibrant and vivid color palettes.

Reflect on your own journey of growth where each twist and turn holds the promise of new beginnings, waiting eagerly to bloom and flourish. Choose the patterns as they are shown here or customize them to your specific needs.

Carpets in the Flourish range

About Sam Hoeffer, Designer of Flourish

Sam started her carpet design journey as an intern with Brintons nine years ago, and now works as a senior designer in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has a background in both digital and fine arts, and finds artistic influences in comics, video games, animation, and band posters. When she’s not arranging pixels into custom carpet art, she spends her time traveling around the world, rocking out at music festivals, and hiking the Mojave desert with her dog.