A thoughtful curation of elegant carpet patterns inspired by topography, urban mapping, and aerial imagery

Brintons proudly presents our Self Expression Spring 2023 collection from Katie Nehrbauer, Senior Designer.

Inspired by topography, urban mapping and aerial imagery, Wanderwell is a thoughtful curation of six elegant carpet patterns with artistic flair. With an abstract style, these designs combine layers of organic and structured elements, textures from handmade artwork and serene color palettes.

The result is a collection that is versatile, refined and approachable. Choose the patterns as they are shown here or customize them to your specific needs. Join in the self expression at Brintons Design Studio Online (dso.brintons.net).

About Katie Nehrbauer, Designer of Wanderwell

Katie has worked with Brintons for 12 years as a Senior Designer and is currently based in Albany, NY. She has a BFA from Rhode Island School of design and over 20 years of textile design experience.

In addition to designing carpets, Katie maintains an art practice out of her home studio. Her artwork combines layers of multiple mediums including drawing, painting, collage and encaustic wax. She draws inspiration from many different sources, but admits that her years of textile experience is always influencing her artwork.

You can find more of her artwork on her Instagram account @knehrbauer_art.

Nature is a mainstay source of inspiration that never goes out of style. How you interpret nature makes a design look fresh and new, not the source itself. A lot of our clients are wary of carpet designs that are too literal unless it really works, so we must find the right balance. If you look at something abstractly and remove all the literal qualities, you see nuances that you didn’t notice before. Layers of ice on a frozen lake can look like clouds. An aerial view of a city at night can look like delicate leaf veins. Once you find a new way of looking at something, ideas begin to flow again.

Katie Nehrbauer

Brintons Senior Designer

Carpets in the Wanderwell range