Stacy Garcia - Color Innovation Series 3

Wrapping up our colorful journey with Brintons and the Stacy Garcia Color Innovation Series, part three delivers inspiration through two trends that take an in depth look at the Earth’s elements. With Grounded, you’ll see palettes built from the natural dyes and pigments gleaned from our environment, while Biophilia enlivens our innate need to reconnect with the planet’s flora and fauna.

Wander with us into the earth’s textural foundation with Grounded. An ode to our appreciation for the staggering beauty of arid lands and rock formations in nature, this trend emphasizes the focus on the world’s climate and dives deeper into sustainability. The palette is derived from the natural dyes and pigments found within in reach – untouched by the manmade synthetics of today. Shades of sand and sienna take stage and are paired beautifully alongside dusted mauve, mineral, onyx, and rust. These grounding colors and textures help us to connect with the elegant formations and weathered structures in which we continue to explore and uncover.

Step into the fresh air, take a deep breathe and experience instantaneous uplift with Biophilia. Driven by the evolutionary need to reset and reconnect with the sphere in which we call home, Biophilia reintroduces us to the great wild and wonderful depths of the planet’s flora and fauna. These elements remind us of the the earth – grass, plants, trees and the organics of the land expel a boost of oxygen and creativity to the atmosphere. We, once again, connect with mother nature through an invigorating yet complex mix of jungle and forest greens with a pop of chartreuse that resemble hues of newly sprouted foliage. The palette is held together with the neutralizing tones of healthy soil like umber and cedar paired with the refreshing and hydrating blues of the water that fuels Biophilia.

Carpets in the Stacy Garcia - Color Innovation Series 3 range

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