Drawing inspiration from their own personal photos, memories, and experiences of home, the design team introduces a truly authentic collection to pay homage to hometowns around the world.

A continuation from the Self Expression project that focuses on the foundation of what makes us who we are, the Patria collection contains thirteen fully customizable Axminster designs uniquely based on memories, customs, architecture, and history of the hometowns personal to the Brintons design team.

Immersing themselves in the inspiration of their own hometowns, the Brintons designers created a collection full of personal experience with notes of nostalgia. Pushing the boundaries with a range of colors from moody and dark to bright and electric, the Patria collection will take you on a heartfelt and authentic journey of exploration around the world that may just remind you of your very own homeland.

“The focus of this collection comes from drawings and personal experiences of the locals and the history and architecture of the cities. Clients want to feel immersed in the city or town heritage they are staying in.”

- Leah L. Jack | VP of Design

Carpets in the Patria range