Timorous Beasties Craigend Collection

Famous for their outstanding diversity of pattern, Craigend is Scottish design duo Timorous Beasties third collection with Brintons. Named after Craigend Place, home of the Glasgow based Timorous Beasties studio and birth place of the designs, the collection name is also inspired by the old Gaelic word ‘Creag’, which means rock.

The collection is inspired by textures and surfaces found on the ground including sand dunes, stone moss and aerial views of landscapes, all reimagined in Brintons special blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon. With Craigend, Timorous Beasties have called upon their fascination with the often brutal beauty of the natural world as well as taking aesthetic inspiration from different crafting methods including paint, ink and fabric.

Brintons’ team of leading designers works closely with client project teams to create designs that meet the needs of individual projects of every size, specification and level of design complexity. Our global design team can rework any of the designs from the Craigend collection, recolouring to suit the interior or rescaling to fit the project criteria. We can design and plan it into challenging areas, minimising seams and wastage to create truly breath-taking installations. The following illustrations give an insight into how these designs can work in a bespoke space.

Whether you are looking for carpet for guest rooms, conference areas, public space or corridors, we are sure that you will find something from the Craigend collection to inspire you.

Carpets in the Timorous Beasties Craigend Collection range

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