an inspirational carpet collection

Brintons proudly presents our Self Expression Fall 2023 collection from Scott Evans, Senior Designer.

Meaning to indulge in aimless thoughts or daydreams, Woolgather is imbued with a sense of whimsy, nostalgia, and the city skyline set to transform spaces into dreamscapes. Journey into the limitless world of the imagination with layered textures and earthy hues that will deliver a unique sensory experience in any space.

Choose the patterns as they are shown here or customize them to your specific needs. Join in the self-expression at Brintons Design Studio Online (dso.brintons.net).

About Scott Evans, Designer of Woolgather

Scott has worked with Brintons for four years as a Senior Designer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. In his 24 years designing carpets and textiles, Scott has always taken inspiration from his artwork in multiple mediums. Ranging from charcoal to pastels into relief carving, woodworking, and blacksmithing; Scott learns from the artists around him constantly. Taking elements and techniques from each of the mediums and artists met, he reflects them in layering and texturing in every carpet design. You can find more of Scott's artwork at www.evansdesignworks.com or on his Instagram account @evansdesignworks.

Carpets in the Woolgather range