Building on rhythm in art, the cadence of machinery, the swing of dance, the pace of life.

Adding once more to The Self-Expression Project, the Brintons design team worked diligently to provide a colorful and unique collection that offers patterns that work across multiple product types (Axminster, Wilton, Tufted, and Hand Tufted).

With an overarching theme of rhythm and repetition, the team created mood boards focusing on their every day lives such as the static from an old television, the curves of paint on a graffiti wall, smudges on the windows from a dog’s nose, or the words of a poem illustrated in sound waves. Born from these experiences is 1PULSE.

“The original design brief assigned to the in-house team focused on the investigation of a universal method of communication. One that was greater than our own local language and customary ways of communication. Through their own personal exploration of ideas, a pattern soon became clear. One of rhythm and repetition similar to a heartbeat of all things."

- Leah L. Jack | VP of Design

Carpets in the 1Pulse range

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