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Pantone 2018 Color of the Year – Ultra Violet

Brintons Americas is optimistic about 2018 with Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year, Ultra Violet, leading the way into more vibrant and complex patterns.

According to Pantone, Ultra Violet is a hue that communicates self-expression and ingenuity with an air of intricate creative mystery. Complexity is key with the 2018 color of the year - being a shade composed of opposites blue and red. Zeroing in on the hue's versatility, Brintons designers discuss applying Ultra Violet in woven axminster.

Last year, Brintons called attention to the rise of interest in the color blue, in response to designers across the Americas skillfully redefining hospitality's standard palette by flooding hotel carpets in shades of navy. While subtle textural geometrics still boast classic blue, gold, and neutral colorations, Brintons confidently embraces Ultra Violet as 2018's focus for interiors across the region.

“In a classic analogous scheme, the color has found its way into background layers adding a cool mysterious depth to hospitality designs.” says Mandy Middlehurst, Senior Designer with Brintons Americas. Middlehurst further explains the color’s ambidextrous application saying “although typically paired with neutrals and soft denim blues, I have used it [Ultra Violet] as a contrasting color pop on the uppermost layers in prefunction designs.”

Brintons sees Ultra Violet being used in multiple layers of axminster carpet designs and in all sectors; marine, gaming, public space, and hospitality. “The purple shade would also work successfully in larger open areas, giving a dramatic air to casinos and conference halls. The energy of these spaces and their capacity to contain crowds speak a similar language to the vibrancy of Ultra Violet,” says Middlehurst.

December color story inspired by Ultra Violet:

#discoverDSO –


Unabashed blues and greens that, in days gone by, apparently should never be seen… until now!!

This harmonic synergy of two of the most popular colours, since always, is a vision of harmony.

Their origins speak of memorising shores laced with playful beach breaks and lush tropical forests where exotic animals play.

It is timeless, sophisticated and ever appropriate.

Just one, or a combination of these designs, yearn to be woven into Brintons lustrous wool blend yarns to enhance an interior of your making.

Explore the Bermuda Mood and experiment with colours in our DSO design studio.

Kelly Hoppen by Brintons collection launches at SLEEP event

Brintons launched it's bold new collection of carpets designed by Kelly Hoppen MBE at the annual hotel design event Sleep, which took place in November at the Business Design Centre in London.

This is the first-ever carpet collection designed by Kelly Hoppen MBE and consists of 13 geometric and organic designs in on-trend colourways that reflect the designer’s award-winning design style and pared-back aesthetic.

On trend: The geodream

Immodest deep hues of reds to a cheeky marriage of pinks and peaches… drenched into sumptuous furnishings and fabrics... the geodream celebrates the rebirth of lavish interiors.

"Be inspired! The geodream is the first trend collection from Brintons APAC, inspired by Paris and London Design Week 2017. A myriad of combinations can be realised from the geodream palette, using this selection of highly evolved geometric designs."

Julie Bjork, Australian Design Manager

With sophisticated application, this palette conjures ideas of wealth and the ornate with an overwhelming mmmmm factor. Peaches and deep maroons have come forth as prominent companions in many recent palettes, but seem ever-so at home in this setting with their closer relatives.

A myriad of combinations can be realised from the geodream palette, using this selection of highly evolved geometric designs. These designs, capable of incorporating a sensible balance of colour, contain omni-present texturing which is such a fundamental feature in floor design.

Just one, or a combination, of these patterns yearn to be woven in the lustrous Brintons wool blend yarns to enhance an interior of your making.  Explore the geodream trend and experiment with colours in our DSO Design Studio.

The geodream colour palette


I’m delighted to unveil my first collection of contemporary commercial carpets with Brintons, and can’t wait for you to see them first hand at Sleep. I wanted to do something quite cutting edge and out there compared to what we see at the moment. It’s different and it’s in the forefront of design in terms of commercial carpeting.

For me, the luxurious textures and striking patterns of carpets can completely transform a room, so when the opportunity to work with Brintons presented itself, it was an instant yes. I wanted to create something to challenge the typical designs we see in the hospitality space, and I knew that Brintons would produce exactly what I wanted. Brintons is an incredible company, it has a great heritage. One of the most important things to me is that it’s a British company, and being an ambassador for Great Britain I’m very much a pioneer of British businesses.

The inspiration for this collection was found in a variety of diverse influences ranging from geometric shapes to elements found in everyday surroundings such as cracks in a pavement and splashes of paint. Design is my life, I’ve been doing it for over 40 years, it’s what I love and I’m passionate about, it’s part of my DNA.

When you design something, it can be very different every time. Sometimes it’s thought or an inspiration, and sometimes it’s a fully-formed idea - my brain is like a filing cabinet, storing things things I’ve seen and been inspired by when travelling. You collect all these ideas, and when you come to design something, things just start to dripfeed out and create a picture.

For me to do a commercial carpet range was really interesting, and it was a challenge. If I had to sum up this project and collaboration, I would say that it has been refreshing. It’s been fun, it’s been enlightening, and I’ve learnt a lot from it. After 41 years in business, to actually do something I hadn’t done before was honestly such an exciting thing for me, and I’m thrilled with the collection.

Brintons x Stacy Garcia Retrospective

Retrospective traces the prolific eight-year partnership of Stacy Garcia and Brintons axminster carpet. From layered medallions to radical abstractions, ranging from colorful and bold to contemporary and elegant, the Stacy Garcia for Brintons offering boasts an impressive 143 individual designs amongst eight collections.

At Stacy Garcia, we’re inspired by design and fashion. We pore over Pantone swatches. We’re fascinated by floor plans. We live design. This passion is translated into different mediums through unique collaborative relationships with the industry’s top manufacturers.

Retrospective offers a concise sampling of work which underscores a love for pattern and an emphasis on collaborative process. This digital exhibit revives sixteen signature patterns in today’s palette.

The Stacy Garcia + Brintons aesthetic is driven by trend forecasting, developed through a contemporary lens, and perfected with rich boldly colored texture.

We’re influenced by the world around us from nature, fashion, technology, art, and travel. All facets of life bring interesting color and material combinations that inspire our designs.

Seeing the Stacy Garcia brand take shape through Brintons creative process is challenging yet equally rewarding. Brintons axminster provides an unparalleled opportunity to really explore scale and push pattern to new textural depths.

See the full collection here: Brintons x Stacy Garcia Retrospective

Brintons launches new RIBA accredited CPD Presentation - Carpet Manufacturing Processes

Brintons have always been regarded as experts in the manufacture of high quality woven Axminster and Wilton carpet and we are now sharing our knowledge with architects so they can gain a greater understanding of the process involved in manufacturing carpets.

We’re pleased to say our third CPD presentation Module 3: Carpet Manufacturing Processes has been approved by RIBA.

This CPD seminar expores the different types of carpet construction and their features and benefits. The presentation also gives a valuable insight in to the tremendous variety across different manufacturing processes and the relative attributes of each method.

The presentation has been assessed by RIBA (The Royal Institute of British Architects) for quality of content and relevance, so attendees can be confident that they are learning something both useful and informative.

Please visit our online form to book your Brintons CPD presentation.

Brintons partners with Shezad Dawood at Clerkenwell Design Week

We launched a pop-up art installation with contemporary artist and filmmaker Shezad Dawood with works woven by Brintons at Clerkenwell Design Week. Exhibited in a loading bay venue, alongside visual motifs and themes drawn from Dawood’s portfolio, the carpets feature bold colours and subtle photographic representations.

The layering of imagery within the designs utilises the full range of our 32-colour High Definition Weave technology, our signature innovation that allows for a wide spectrum of design possibilities and dynamic patterns.

Avebury Rock by Shezad Darwood (2017), woven by Brintons

Joe Versus the Volcano by Shezad Darwood (2017), woven by Brintons

Multiple White-Out Palms by Shezad Darwood (2017), woven by Brintons

The exhibition space and nearby pop-up showroom consisted of four Brintons carpet-lined transformed sheds.

Brintons collaborates with contemporary artist Shezad Dawood at Clerkenwell Design Week 2017

Brintons will be at the centre of the creative hub during Clerkenwell Design Week where we are collaborating with contemporary artist and filmmaker Shezad Dawood for a pop-up art installation at General Project’s new creative workplace venue, Technique 132 -140 Goswell Road. A loading bay on the Pear Street side of Technique will be transformed into an immersive art installation, made using Brinton’s High Definition Weave technology.

The installation space will also be used for a series of talks and events throughout the week and as a meeting space for Brintons design team and clients.

We can now reveal our exciting schedule for the week, which is not one to be missed, we are inviting design savvy visitors to visit us at our pop-up art installation on the 23rd to 25th May.

Be sure to add the below dates to your diary to avoid missing out on what is set to be the place to be seen at this weeks Clerkenwell Design Week.

Dates for the diary:

Keeping creativity in the city

Tuesday 23 May 2017

6 – 7pm

This debate will explore the critical issue of how developers, architects and activists must join forces to preserve and develop London’s creative workspaces, and endeavour to find commercially viable, sustainable solutions to the increasing affordability challenges facing the city’s designers, makers and artists, if the capital is to retain its creative capital. On the panel will be Jacob Loftus, CEO of General Projects, Candida Gertler, co-founder of Outset contemporary arts fund, Andrew Harris, co-director of Bartlett Urban Lab and Matt Yeoman, director of BuckleyYeomanGray Architects. The talk will be chaired by James McLachlan editor of Icon Magazine.

  • Jacob Loftus, CEO General Projects
  • Candida Gertler, Co-founder OUTSET Contemporary Arts Fund
  • Andrew Harris, Co-director of The Bartlett Urban Lab
  • Matt Yeoman, Director BuckleyYeomanGray Architects

Chair: James McLachlan, Editor of Icon Magazine

From canvas to carpet

Wednesday 24 May 2017

8.30 – 10am

This talk will explore the creative and technical process of transforming and translating complex designs into Carpet. Emma Cassidy, Head of Creative Design at Brintons will be in discussion with contemporary artist and film maker Shezad Dawood, to discuss Dawood’s recent collaboration with the heritage English brand. For the installation Dawood has created a triptych from the fabrics and then printed and rendered visual motifs and themes from his own archive of work, across film, painting and sculpture. The discussion will be chaired by freelance writer Suzanne Trocmé and take place in the loading bay of Technique 132-140 Goswell Road.

  • Shezad Dawood, Contemporary artist and film maker
  • Emma Cassidy, Head of Creative Design Brintons

Chair: British designer, curator and author Suzanne Trocmé

The fall and rise of Clerkenwell

Thursday 25 May 2017

6pm - 7pm

Chaired by Architecture critic, writer and broadcaster, Tom Dyckhoff, this debate uncovers the essential ingredients for a creative community, by charting the transformation of this quintessential case study from declined industrial quarter in the 1980s to today's cultural powerhouse. We bring together key figures from this journey to uncover the conditions necessary to create a successful post-industrial neighbourhood, mirroring the UK's own reinvention from manufacturing to service economy.

  • Piers Gough, Director CZWG Architects
  • Sarah Gaventa, Cultural regeneration consultant and commentator

Chair: Tom Dyckhoff, Architecture critic, writer and broadcaster

Brintons pop-up art installation
132 -140 Goswell Road

Book your place

Image top: Avebury Textile, 2017, Courtesy of the artist and Timothy Taylor, London

Image right: Shezad Dawood

Brintons launches new RIBA accredited CPD Presentation

Brintons have always been regarded as experts in the manufacture of high quality woven Axminster and Wilton carpet and we are now sharing our knowledge with architects so they can gain a greater understanding of the process involved in manufacturing carpets.

We’re pleased to say our second CPD presentation Module 2: Carpet Technology has been approved by RIBA.

This seminar explores the technology involved in the process of manufacturing carpets. Learn about the yarn types and blends that are prominent in carpets and the different manufacturing processes involved. The presentation also gives a valuable insight in to new emerging weaving technologies that give greater creative freedom to architects and designers.

The presentation has been assessed by RIBA (The Royal Institute of British Architects) for quality of content and relevance, so attendees can be confident that they are learning something both useful and informative.

Please visit our online form to book your Brintons CPD presentation.

New Bell Twist colours for 2017

Our latest Bell Twist carpets capture the serene beauty of nature’s neutral palette by using pale tints such as Cotton right across to a striking shade of Slate. These organic tones were chosen specifically to complement contemporary lighting as this has changed how we see colour. Halogen and low energy lighting creates a fresher, crisper style which is less sympathetic to more traditional hues. Grey carpets look beautiful in these modern settings as either an accent colour or backdrop.

Bell Twist is a fantastic hard-wearing option that remains tough enough for high traffic areas but won’t compromise on softness or luxury.

Emma Cassidy, Senior Creative Designer for Brintons says “Our refreshed urban and contemporary Bell Twist range for 2017 is infused with soothing and harmonious neutral tones. A timeless and elegant approach to any decorative scheme, this new Bell Twist range offers a palette that is notoverpowering or demands attention, but brings a sense of calm and functionality to any space. A natural companion to both traditional and modern interiors; by adding splashes of accent colours, you will instantly brighten up any room”.

Woven using our famous 80% wool/20% nylon blend, Bell Twist carpets benefit from being luxurious to touch yet extremely durable – suitable for extra heavy use. The stylish, textured surface makes a Bell Twist carpet look good for longer, hence its popularity over all these years.

Brintons collaboration with Birmingham City University showcased at January Furniture Show

Now in its eighth year, Birmingham City University's Trends project plays a pivotal role in showcasing future trends to the industry. The Trends Exhibition was held 22-25 January 2017 at the January Furniture Show, NEC, Birmingham.

The project is a collaborative partnership with Color Hive who are experts in providing accurate colour, trends and materials forecast information for the design industry.

This year’s project involved tasking third year Birmingham City University BA (Hons) Textile Design students with contributing to two trends that Color Hive identified for Autumn/Winter 2017. The two trends selected for the students included ‘Grace’ and ‘Punk’, two very contrasting themes.

Image below: Students pictured with their awards and industry representatives from Brintons, Sarah Draper, ColourHive, Hannah Malein and Tektura, Julie Mason and Jo Cain

Grace Trend

Grace has a colour palette that includes soft shades of green and ochre with rose and cashmere cream. Using moody back drops of dark colours that include laurel green, navy and peat brown, it allows for light and mid tones to combine to create a rugged natural world look.

The references include serene landscapes of Scottish heather on misty mountains that present some interesting design challenges to create unique designs. It becomes a very real journey of exploration, which causes individuals to questions their own thoughts and interpretations of grace and match it with the serene and luxurious roots that has formed Grace into a trend.

Punk Trend

Punk by contrast presents a real opportunity to explore the anarchic and exuberant spirit of punk. It allows for exploration of personal freedom that is boldly inclusive but rejects the common clichés. Punk allows for inclusive inspiration taken from challenging social views through design in new technologies such as the internet, exploring overt embellishment in areas such as jewellery along with tribal references and the development of rich gaming landscapes. It provides a rich, diverse field of colour while avoiding and challenging clichés making it rich for exploration.

The Punk colour scheme is usually dominated by rich and sensual dark tones using pinks and yellows to provide balance, all grounded in pale shade blush white. It is a broad opportunity to create something uniquely personal, reflective, and challenging.

The aim of the project is to really question the existing design interpretations and allow for creative and personal responses from the students to push the boundaries of design. Selected design concepts from the students work and design proposals were realised, actualised, and made into products for display. This was achieved through BCU liaising with several manufacturing firms including Brintons, Tektura MRF furniture manufacturers to create the trend forward products and proposals.

The entire project allows for industry experience and to help take students on their own personal journeys with design by encouraging multi-discipline work practices and experimentation in textile design right through to the process of manufacturing and displaying forward thinking designs.

Carpet Design Award

BCU BA (Hons) Textile Design students and rising stars Ella Downes and Helen Johnston, saw their design work made in to reality by Brintons, using our revolutionary 32 colour ‘High Definition Weave’ technology to construct a carpet design based upon each trend, Grace and Punk. Ella Downes was awarded the Carpet Design Award at the show by Brintons, Commercial Marketing Manager, Sarah Draper. A lot of thought was put in to the design and it was a very good interpretation of the Grace trend brief. Our design team particularly loved the texture in the design.

During the 2016 Trends project, Brintons helped students with the manufacturing process and the collaborative work resulted in students’ work being displayed at Brintons London showroom during Clerkenwell Design Week.

Third image: BCU Student Helen Johnston with the Punk Trend display

Image above, l to r: Sarah Draper, Brintons Commercial Marketing Manager with Ella Downes, BCU Student with the Grace Trend display

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