Holland Casino

Holland Casino in Rotterdam is a stylish and contemporary 24-hour environment offering an upmarket experience of performances and events, bars and restaurants alongside traditional gaming tables and slot machines.

Brintons created bespoke carpets for the entertainment and gaming complex Holland Casino Rotterdam, combining the practical benefits of the tile format with the aesthetic demands of a high-end venue in one solution.

The unique carpet design employs a dynamic, abstract motif in a predominantly red and gold palette with turquoise accents, a selection of colours typically used in casinos. Part of the design brief was to create a space that more accurately reflected the casino environment that had not been achieved previously. For this reason, Brintons selected these classic shades for the pattern. Brintons adapted the pattern from an initial design provided by architecture firm Steelman Partners, and developed it into a tile format which resolves critical matching issues.

Brintons always produces carpets for our casinos. They always deliver on time, within the project schedule and to our satisfaction. It’s a challenge to translate the designs of the architect to a carpet tile and that always works out really well with Brintons.

Joris Boot, Facility Advisor

Holland Casino

As the Holland Casino features a recessed floor that needs to be easily accessible, Brintons used its woven axminster carpet tile product for the project. Thanks to the expertise that has gone into the development of Brintons’ carpet tile technology, it achieved a seamless finish at the Holland Casino Rotterdam that has guaranteed the definition and impact of Axminster design, within a tile installation. The carpet was produced in four-tile and sixteen-tile repeat formats, designed for application to a range of interior spaces of varying scales across two floors of the space.

The bespoke carpeting solution brings Brintons’ global reputation for high-quality axminster woven products to a modular format, effectively balancing functional and operational demands with a luxurious aesthetic. Brintons’ signature blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon makes the carpet tiles suitable for heavy-use areas, particularly in venues that might require areas of flooring to be switched. The tile format offers many practical benefits, including quick and easy installation and de-installation, as well as bringing acoustic and thermal properties to the interiors while offering long-term practical, economic and environmental benefits.

Brintons have produced both axminster tile and broadloom carpets for all 14 of the Holland Casino locations throughout the Netherlands.

Project summary

Holland Casino
4,246sqm of woven custom axminster carpet tiles in two designs at different scales.
April 2017
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Brintons carpets are one of the best commercial carpets available for casinos. We had a great experience working with them on this project. Because of the complexity of the design pattern and the fact that it’s a tiled carpet, they were able to give us a lot more than a regular manufacturer. I think the result speaks for itself.

Aleksey Belinskiy, Director of European Projects

Steelman Partners

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