QuickWeave Revive

Having spent the best part of the last two years in and out of lockdowns, the world has changed in a way we have never before experienced. The new Quickweave Revive palette explores these changes and how they have impacted on interior trends.

Being forced to remain indoors far more than we ever have before has focused our minds on our interiors and how they make us feel. The colour blue has become increasingly important - in an unstable climate we are seeking calm and focusing on our mental and physical well being. Blue offers dependable versatility, calm and hope.

With continuing conversation around the state of our planet we have begun using more green in our interiors which provides nourishment and solace; creating an escape. As we spend more and more time indoors we look to elevate our interiors using deep reds and purples to create luxurious spaces that we love to spend precious time in.

Adding to these key tones a backdrop of warm and inviting neutrals to the palette has created a useable and inspiring trend palette which has a rich depth of colour and the ability to suit a wide variety of interior spaces from living rooms to hotels to casinos.

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