Sheraton Laval Hotel and Convention Center

Brintons partnered with Massarelli Design, providing 5,300 SY of Axminster carpet for the Sheraton Laval Hotel and Convention Center renovations.

Originally built in 1982, the Canada-based hotel completed its transformation to a more distinct and youthful character that is inclusive and welcoming to all guests just in time for its 40th year anniversary.

With renovations starting in 2019 prior to the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were hurdles that included many long-distance communications and meetings between the teams to keep the project moving smoothly. The teams overcame the challenges making it a memorable project experience with ideas being exchanged from Argentina to Canada.

When asked about their favorite creative part of the project, the Massarelli team spoke of having the privilege to work with a young, dynamic and fun group of hoteliers who kept an open mind and were willing to think outside of the box, giving permission to experiment creatively instead of going for the established norms. Needless to say, this manifested in the final result showcasing colorful furniture and bold carpet designs.

Brintons carpet is found in the Sheraton Laval’s Banquet Halls, Ballroom, Prefunction, Corridors, and Lower Level. The two contrasting yet complementary patterns elevate the space as the larger size of the Banquet Halls fuse seamlessly into the medium-size version in the Pre-function and then again into the smallest size of the corridors.

We really appreciated the fact that Brintons was very patient with us despite the extensive design concepts back and forth. There were numerous design revisions during the pandemic where everyone was working remotely and despite these challenges, they were flexible to accommodate the long design process.

Antonio Massarelli

Owner & Senior Interior Designer | Massarelli Design

Project summary

Sheraton Laval Hotel and Convention Center
5,300 SY Axminster
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