Seattle Convention Center

Brintons collaborated with LMN Architects on the new addition to the Seattle Convention Center weaving over 13,500 square yards of Axminster carpet.

Summit opened its doors in January 2023 nearly doubling the Seattle Convention Center’s size. With a ballroom of almost 60,000 square feet, Brintons produced a pattern that would respond to the scale of the space. Utilizing Brintons High Definition (HD) Weave, the LMN Architects team chose 32 colors for the design providing the right amount of complexity across the room that will also work at a smaller, human scale.

Lori Naig with LMN Architects compares the building's unique interior spaces to a forest floor with shadows of tree canopies. The convention center has a rich, neutral color palette that incorporates a unique array of sustainable, local, and regional materials such as wood, natural stone, blackened hot rolled steel, and terrazzo. The light-reflecting surfaces create a distinctive Pacific Northwest character while allowing the unique colors and materials associated with each event to stand out.

Brintons custom broadloom carpet can be found in Seattle Convention Center’s Summit Level-5 ballroom, Pre-function, Terrace Suite, and Signature Room.

The Brintons team was patient. They were wise enough to know when to lead us and to know when to listen to us. That is a nice combination for a design process. And I feel like we asked a lot and pushed Brintons to provide us with samples for client viewing that were outside the normal provision path. We even did a large-scale mock-up so our client could be comfortable with the number of colors and pattern size. It was a process that allowed our team to learn a lot about this type of broadloom carpet. We look forward to our next partnership.

Lori Naig

Principle, Interiors | LMN Architects

Project summary

Seattle Convention Center
13,500 SY Axminster | HD Weave
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