RiverBoat Casino, Buenos Aires

Brintons enjoys a strong relationship with this particular South American casino operator and its appointed interior design company (Provedo Quintiero Arquitectos), having provided Axminster carpet for eight of its other casinos. Brintons was therefore the first-choice flooring partner when the RiverBoat Casino operator and its interior design company needed new Axminster carpet for its RiverBoat in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The designs were heavily influenced by bold swirl patterns to create a feeling of movement and large bands of yellow and red colouring were incorporated to reflect different areas of the lobby area.

The RiverBoat Casino operator believes it’s very important that its guests always feel comfortable and that they don’t know whether they are stood on the land or on the boats themselves. The environment and feeling on the land and on the boats has to be the same so the development of appropriate carpet is central to achieving that objective. Brintons worked hard to translate all of the ideas we had for the carpet in the lobby area into designs that we were looking for and extremely pleased with when installed.

Aldina Quintiero

Provedo Quintiero Arquitectos

Project summary

RiverBoat Casino, Buenos Aires
1,885 Sqm
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