La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club

Partnering with Studio UNLTD, Brintons produced custom Axminster carpet for the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club.

The Studio UNLTD team was challenged to redesign The Marine Room lounge inside the popular seaside destination. The goal was to create an intimate space to enjoy the iconic sunset views over the Pacific Ocean and the crashing waves against the restaurant’s panoramic windows.

Drawing inspiration from the coastal setting, the color scheme exudes a lively atmosphere, featuring bright white ceilings, blonde wood flooring, and a captivating range of blues, from gentle seafoam to rich turquoise.

Brintons worked with Studio UNLTD to provide the perfect bold carpet, recoloring an aquiform Brintons + Stacy Garcia design (Q01/A050824SG). This design along with a large archive of patterns can be found a recolored on Brintons Design Studio Online.

Because of the quick turnaround, this was basically a study of materiality and what materials would be most impactful. We saw this carpet by Brintons, which almost resembles sand dollars. It became the basis of our color palette, as well as, the common thread that unified the lounge with the main dining room.

Terri Robison

Design Director | Studio UNTLD

Project summary

La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club
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