Kimpton Hotel Allegro

Brintons pair with Someone Deary Design Group to create 5,800 square yards of custom axminster carpets and hand tufted rugs for the reimagined Kimpton Hotel Allegro.

The design precision of Axminster weaving presents the ability to strategically tie the interior theme together in a variety of design capabilities. The more private areas feature floors of soft monochromatic textures contrasting against the crisp angular light fixtures suspended above, while a gleaming geometric pattern weaves through the corridors and stairwells harmonizing with the original 1920’s brass handrails.

Designing the carpet for the Hotel Allegro with Brintons was a collaborative process. It felt like a partnership because they shared the same passion as our design team and they understood the impact the carpet would have in the overall space. They were meticulous with all the fine details and because of their extensive knowledge of carpet construction and design software, they helped guide us in translating painted works of art into beautiful carpet. The result is something that Simeone Deary Design Group is very proud of!

Joanna Henricks

Senior Project Designer | Simeone Deary Design Group

Project summary

Kimpton Hotel Allegro
Axminster: 5,823 SY
Michael Mundy
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