Hyatt Ziva and Hyatt Zilara Cap Cana

Envisioning the perfect getaway, Leisure & Hospitality Design International (LHDI Inc.) partnered with Brintons to design and manufacture 5,100 square yards of custom Axminster carpet. This property, however, had a twist. LHDI Inc. was tasked with two projects – one which was random and organic (Hyatt Ziva), and another which was orderly and grand (Hyatt Zilara).

Hyatt Ziva and Hyatt Zilara Cap Cana rest along the eastern shores of the Dominican Republic in an exclusive gated community. The challenge was to try and design a sympathetic amenity between two different resort experiences. Crucial to achieving this was the carpet selection.

The goal when designing the two connecting resorts, was to try and design spaces that were energetic, playful and even whimsical. The geometry of the patterns and the color selections had to be bold and reflective of the Caribbean destination. For that reason, carpets were chosen in the galleries that referenced the swaying coconut palm leaves that are so distinct in the Dominican Republic. The ballroom shared the bright blue and turquoise color palette, where the inspiration was loosely based on the sea floor and the rich tones of blues, sand, and sea grass brown.

Thanks to a history with LHDI Inc., processes were streamlined. Selecting the appropriate product, patterns, and colors took days, and within a couple of weeks, large samples were delivered promptly to the location.

As usual, working with Brinton's for our Hyatt new builds and renovation projects was a pleasure. Beginning with the initial design studies where the Brinton's design team worked with us to refine and enhance our ideas, right up to installation and follow up, the process was easy and fast. In our flagship resorts, Hyatt Cap Cana, we are delighted with the results in the ballrooms both visually and with regards to durability. Besides being impressive and striking design, the product lives up to its reputation for strength and maintenance. Going forward, we will always revert back to Brinton's team for future carpets. The results are excellent for both the designer and the guest.

Ken C. Shannon (AIA)

President | LHDI Inc.

Project summary

Hyatt Ziva and Hyatt Zilara Cap Cana
5,100 SY Axminster
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