Hilton West Palm Beach

Located just two miles from world-famous Palm Beach and across from CityPlace, Hilton West Palm Beach’s luxuriously styled guest rooms, alfresco dining options and vibrant pool scene make it the perfect destination for leisure, meeting or business travelers. The brand new, 400-room lifestyle hotel is connected to a convention center, with modern meeting spaces and event lawns for weddings and events. Brintons, in collaboration with Looney & Associates, designed custom carpet for the hotel’s 8,358 square yards of ballroom, prefunction space, and meeting rooms, with a design concept focusing on relaxed, coastal elegance.

“We were inspired by reflections in the waters of the Atlantic coast,” said Designer Molly McDonald. “We wanted natural patterns and colors, with a consistent color scheme to create continuity. We selected a deep ocean blue that feels very refreshing, clean and light. In a hotel with multiple meeting rooms and a large-volume space, you can only rely on the architecture so much to create visual interest. The carpet is the artwork, a color, a conversation piece. It helps guide people through the space, hide stains and give the room a longer life span. If we didn’t have decorative accents to carpets in our meeting spaces and ballrooms, the room would not have the same feel.”

The clients were very happy with the carpet design, which was the result of a collaborative partnership between Looney & Associates and Brintons.

One of the reasons we love working with Brintons, and do a lot of work with them, is that their design team is very strong, and we have a great working relationship. They will ask, ‘How do you like this texture? Here is a screen shot. How do you like how this is looking? Here are a couple of options.’ Work never gets too far along without them checking in to see if things are going well. As a result, we are able to work together and get to the finish line a lot faster.

Molly McDonald

Designer | Looney & Associates

Project summary

Hilton West Palm Beach
8,400 square yards
Courtesy of Hilton West Palm Beach
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