Charlotte Convention Center

Brintons collaborated with Atlanta Flooring Design and TVS Design on the renovation at the Charlotte Convention Center providing 33,000 SY of Axminster carpet.

The property added 9,000 SY to the existing building and revamped the entire Convention Center in just six weeks. The carpet was installed in phases working around events, thousands of attendees, and holidays.

Installing the ADA stairs was a new concept and learning curve for David Wilson and Scott Palmer of Atlanta Flooring Design. After researching local codes and where and how to place the ADA strip, the finished product looked phenomenal and provided a great experience in the end.

When asked what their favorite part of the creative process was, David and Scott expressed seeing the transformation of the new space meeting the old and how the patterns made the two areas cohesive. The custom carpet draws the eye with bright reds, deep blues, and golds inspired by a crown only fitting for North Carolina's "Queen City."

Our experience with the Brintons team, along with our partners at TVS Design and Atlanta Flooring Design Centers, was excellent. Working with Tricia Moore at TVS Design to develop a truly unique and signature theme, incorporating Charlotte’s iconic Queen City crown and integrated stair striping to fulfill accessibility requirements without sacrificing aesthetics, was fantastic. Once we completed our expansion, moving into the recarpeting of the existing building was seamless. Brintons delivered the product ahead of the promised schedule, and the AFDC crew installed the carpet efficiently and flawlessly. The finished product has been one that we’ll be proud to showcase for years to come!

Doug Tober

Director, Capital Projects | Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority

Project summary

Charlotte Convention Center
33,000 SY Axminster
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