Boston Park Plaza

For the reimagined Boston Park Plaza, Brintons pairs up with Parker Torres Design Inc, a premiere hospitality design firm with an impressive international portfolio of restaurant, spa, and hotel projects. The $100 million renovation, including around 22,000 square yards of custom carpet, utilizes a restricted color palette of smoky blue-grays and shades of ivory .

Lattice-like geometrics course through the carpets, bouncing off reflective lacquered surfaces, mirrored walls, and chrome accents casting a unified network of repetition throughout the hotel's interior. The clever addition of shadow underneath the curvilinear forms in corridors, public and pre-function carpets continues this relationship of reflective light and brings the flat repeating shapes into a three-dimensional realm. Layered graphic lines undulate across the floor of the lobby and dining areas, balancing perfectly with the ceiling's angular contemporary lighting.

Brintons is and continues to be one of the premiere custom Axminster manufacturers in the hospitality industry. Not only is the final product outstanding in quality and design, but also the custom design process is truly an extraordinary collaborative process. The Boston Park Plaza was an exciting project where an historic grand hotel, built in the 1920s, meets 21st century design. The reinvention of the traditional ballroom medallion via intensive contemporary interpretation of scale, proportion, shading and texture is exquisitely showcased in the grand ballroom carpet. This magnificent carpet design is truly an illustration of the beautiful outcome achieved as a result of a fun and productive collaboration.

Ellen Bourque Johnson

Associate Principal | Parker Torres Design Inc.

Project summary

Boston Park Plaza
Axminster: 22,000 SY
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