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A collection of designs which have been inspired by the unique blend of art, culture, landscape and geography of the Middle East.


a celebration of process; excavated layers constructed with authentic textures born from dirty hands

Altered Gravity by Stacy Garcia

Influenced by the makers movement, Altered Gravity features 14 patterns drawing inspiration from the diverse disciplines of the art universe.


Credence pays respects to the passing of time through a diverse collection influenced by the juxtaposition of exposed surfaces.

Fleece to Floor Video

Explore the journey of our carpets from fleece to floor.

Santhiya, A Virginia Langley Collection

Santhiya offers a range of handcrafted designs derived from the wonders of nature; where sand, sea, and natural elements inspire the senses


Be inspired by the beauty of architecture, bold geometrics and tropical explosions. Be inspired by Brintons.

High Definition Weave Collection

Our engineer’s invention of patented High Definition Weave realised our inspiration. Weaving up to 32 colours, and creating stunning photorealistic effects is possible. High Definition Weave is our statement of intent.


Our newest stock range collection for the Australian commercial market. Free-flowing florals meet bold geometric pattern. Come on a trip around the world and discover Antipodes for yourself.

Latest from Brintons

Commercial sectors

Breathtaking floors, engineered to last

Making the world a more beautiful place through outstanding custom and stocked carpet solutions for Commercial and Residential use.

The ultimate in wool rich and nylon woven Axminster and Wilton carpets and tiles, hand tufted and hand knotted rugs.