I’m delighted to unveil my first collection of contemporary commercial carpets with Brintons, and can’t wait for you to see them first hand at Sleep. I wanted to do something quite cutting edge and out there compared to what we see at the moment. It’s different and it’s in the forefront of design in terms of commercial carpeting.

For me, the luxurious textures and striking patterns of carpets can completely transform a room, so when the opportunity to work with Brintons presented itself, it was an instant yes. I wanted to create something to challenge the typical designs we see in the hospitality space, and I knew that Brintons would produce exactly what I wanted. Brintons is an incredible company, it has a great heritage. One of the most important things to me is that it’s a British company, and being an ambassador for Great Britain I’m very much a pioneer of British businesses.

The inspiration for this collection was found in a variety of diverse influences ranging from geometric shapes to elements found in everyday surroundings such as cracks in a pavement and splashes of paint. Design is my life, I’ve been doing it for over 40 years, it’s what I love and I’m passionate about, it’s part of my DNA.

When you design something, it can be very different every time. Sometimes it’s thought or an inspiration, and sometimes it’s a fully-formed idea - my brain is like a filing cabinet, storing things things I’ve seen and been inspired by when travelling. You collect all these ideas, and when you come to design something, things just start to dripfeed out and create a picture.

For me to do a commercial carpet range was really interesting, and it was a challenge. If I had to sum up this project and collaboration, I would say that it has been refreshing. It’s been fun, it’s been enlightening, and I’ve learnt a lot from it. After 41 years in business, to actually do something I hadn’t done before was honestly such an exciting thing for me, and I’m thrilled with the collection.

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