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Hilton Al Hamra Fort, United Arab Emirates

The Al Hamra Fort Hotel and Beach Resort showcases the epitome of luxurious 5 star comfort and personal service that has come to be the signature of Arabian hospitality. Surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens and along the stunning white washed beachs of Ras al Khaimah, it was a natural fit for Brintons to supply their luxurious carpets for the hotel.

Brintons was briefed with creating designs that reflected the heritage of the site and incorporating the iconic fort style throughout. Using natural earth tones in corridors and pops of blue in the guestrooms, the public areas also included rich purple and red to compliment the intricate geometric designs.

Providing ninety Axminster rugs in total and over 1,600sqm of Axminster 918A carpet, these unique designs reflect the spectacular location and Ras al Khaimah desert with ocean views from the guestrooms.

Project name Hilton Al Hamra Fort, United Arab Emirates
Project details AX 718A Rugs (90 in total, approx. 800sqm) AX918A Axminster Carpet (1,683sqm)
Installed October 2013

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