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The 2 Lovely Gays use Brintons archive to design Victorian carpet with a modern twist for their home

29th November 2016

Interior design duo Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead, the 2 Lovely Gays, commissioned Brintons to create a period inspired carpet for the bedroom, stairs and corridors in their Victorian South London home.

Searching through the Brintons vast carpet archive, which dates back to 1790, the designers worked with Brintons archivist Yvonne Smith to select a design that fitted the Victorian era of the house. Jordan and Russell have always been fans of decorative and patterned carpet and Brintons, with one of the world's largest commercial design and historical pattern libraries in the industry, was their natural starting point.

The carpet chosen was a Victorian floral design from the Brintons archive, recoloured to fit their contemporary colour scheme and manufactured using the High Definition Weave looms that can weave up to 32 colours at any one time. 

Brintons owns one of the world's largest commercial design archives and historical pattern libraries in the industry, restored and preserved by our own dedicated archivist Yvonne Smith. The archive is a unique reference tool and point of true inspiration to our design team and clients.

The Brintons archive includes many hand-painted designs, artworks and sketches from 1790 to the present day, some from noted designers, which have historical as well as inspirational application. The archive library is a facility unique to Brintons and is an invaluable resource to designers, conservators, decorators and contractors worldwide. Take a look at our video on the project:

Brintons | 2 LOVELY GAYS

Image top: Left to right, Jay Ralley-Jones, Senior Designer - Brintons, Yvonne Smith, Archivist - Brintons, Russell Whitehead and Jordan Cluroe.

Image bottom right: © Francesco Guidicini

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