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Brintons: The Original Supplier of Iconic PDX Carpet

21st March 2015

Portland  + SRG Architects + Brintons = PDX Carpet Cult

In the 1980s Portland, Oregon was naive to the impending influx of computer related industry that the 1990s would bring. This boom in jobs brought with it a steady flow of young employers, web developers, and graphic designers. The culture was changing across the United States and left Portland one of the fastest growing cities in the 90s.

This cultural population shift would bring a surge of people into the PDX Airport – making the recent renovation of the airport from noisy, hard flooring – to the noise reducing wool blend of Brintons Axminster, a necessary change.

SRG Architects were tasked with the PDX renovation in 1987 and began conducting research on airports across the country with regionally inspired design concepts. SRG reached the conclusion of a geometric design based on the interpretation of the runway on the radio tower radar screens. The theme about flight catered to international travellers while the geometric design and saturated colors reflected the essence of the Northwest.

The design concept was brought into fruition when SRG specified Brintons to fill the airport with 28,000 square feet of Axminster 80/20 wool blend carpet, by the early 1990s the carpet was installed. This quintessential Portland design was translated in to a heavy-wearing wool carpet that would last for the next 20 years. The quality of Brintons Axminster product has presented the platform for this cult-like following to generate.

(See #PDXcarpet)

The PDX carpet will live on to surpass the brutal uprooting from it’s original home. PDX Airport implemented an application process and has chosen four different companies and organizations to donate the iconic carpet to. The carpet will continue it’s legacy as mouse pads, cat furniture, rugs, doormats, framed souvenirs, as well as, a multitude of other things.

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