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Brintons collaboration with Birmingham City University showcased at May Design Series

27th May 2015

Birmingham City University showcased their final year student’s work at May Design Series, which was held between the 17 – 19th May at London ExCeL.

In its 7th year, the Trends exhibition presents the pinnacle of design with students creating a range of new designs inspired by two trends forecast by Global Color Research™ for Spring/Summer 2016: ‘Brink’ and ‘Tropic’. The project provides new inspiration and demonstrates how trends can be applied from original design thinking through to end product, it also allows students to create a unique portfolio of ideas from which to convey their employment potential. The trends project doesn’t just give an insight into future talent – it helps mould and support it.

Brintons collaborated with Birmingham City University to create a sample rug based on an original design by Constructed Textiles student Amy Newman; the rug was manufactured using Brintons revolutionary 32-colour High Definition looms. The stunning botanical design was created in response to the “Tropic” trend and has an all-over leaf design. Global Color Research™ named Amy's design Trends projects winner at the show.

The trends, which Birmingham City University students have interpreted are Brink and Tropic:


On the verge of something new and unknown, Brink looks to the past for conformity and reassurance, referencing classicism, the ultimate in ordered architecture, and currency as a physical expression of security. This trend is about craving for control, to be grounded in the face of global financial turbulence where it is constantly a case of survival of the fittest. A change is coming and so Brink delves in to our archive to evoke a sense of uncertainty. This is a trend on the edge, balanced by a thoughtful and reassuring colour palette.  


New discoveries are found at every turn in this nocturnal visit to a tropical garden. As its name suggests, Tropic takes heed of the region of earth surrounding the Equator; South America, Central Africa and South East Asia are all key references, but far from simply offering a literal influence, they suggest an energy, passion and optimism that celebrates the interaction of contrasting colours. There is a definite feeling of sanctuary and escapism in Tropic, where we hide within a dark cocooning environment yet find joy and comfort in pops of hot colour that are considered energetic. 

Image top right: 'Tropic' trend carpet on loom at Brintons factory, Kidderminster

image second right: Amy Newman with her Botanical carpet design from the 'Tropic' trend

Image third right: Birmingham City University stand, May Design Series, London ExCeL

Image bottom right: Botanical carpet design from the 'Tropic' trend

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