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We use this blog to share information about our work for the benefit of customers. You can use our archive below to browse previous blogs.

Brintons has helped Sir John Soane’s Museum re-create 19th century history by supplying a design from our expansive archive.

The Museum, which was the home and library of renowned neo-liberal, 19th century architect Sir John Soane, recently under took a major project to restore the private rooms of Soane and his wife. Historic Carpet Research helped in this restoration by working closely with Brintons’ Archivist Yvonne Smith to find a carpet design to reflect the original.

Brintons’ extensive archives were the source of a design for Sir John’s bedroom, and other rooms on the second floor, that reflected the carpets seen during that era. Two contemporary watercolours of the bedroom and bathroom were the only guide to work with when deciding upon a new design, as none of the original carpet remained in the Museum.

Lady Susan Stern, Historic Carpet Research, said: “The chosen carpet is perfectly in keeping with the feel of the period, and reflects the style of both Sir John Soane and the Museum. We chose a leafy, Regency style pattern that featured swirling movements, adding to the effect of the design.

“As we only had the watercolours to work with, which did not show any details of the pattern, we focused heavily upon the hues and shapes within the painting to select a design that was reflective of the carpet Sir John Soane would have had.”

The chosen pattern features four hues of red, ranging from deep burgundy to lighter pinks, producing a real depth to the design that is contrasted against a lighter, stone background. The selected painted pattern paper was taken from the archive and transformed into a full repeat carpet design.

In the renovation the new design was installed in the master bedchamber in the same manner as depicted in the watercolour, as a bedcarpet of strips laid around the bed. The carpet was also installed in the bathroom to the master bedchamber, the book corridor, the Oratory and Mrs Soane’s morning room, where it was laid as a rug.

Sir John Soane’s Museum was built by the architect in three stages beginning in 1809, and consists of three properties, No.12, No.13 and No.14, which were originally knocked down by the architect and completely rebuilt up to 1824.

Today, the Museum is the National Centre for the Study of Architecture, housing an expansive research library, gallery and intact living quarters where Soane and his wife resided.

Lady Stern continued: “It was very rewarding to find a pattern of 1824 in Brintons’ archive which enabled the production of a 21st century carpet in the spirit and aesthetic of the time of Sir John Soane.”

Brintons is excited to announce Santhiya, its fourth Axminster carpet collection with designer Virginia Langley. 

Keeping with Virginia's established style, Santhiya offers a range of handcrafted designs derived from the wonders of nature; where sand, sea, and natural elements inspire the senses.

Tell us what intrigued you to become a designer.

I have always had a deep love of nature. It's always been my inspiration in art & design. What I love about design is the fun & challenge to interpret into pattern what you see & feel inspired about. It can be stylized, abstract or textural. Designing is constant learning & growing; there is never a dull moment!

In the Santhiya collection, debuting fall with Brintons, how did you translate your travel inspiration into this collection? 

Besides nature, travel is definitely the next influence in inspiration for designing for me. Santhiya is Thai for "natural beauty" which is such a great translation for this collection. Santhiya really depicts a graceful & elegant interpretation of fauna & flora & patterns that I've noted over recent travels. From the Saffron Thistle in Australia to the African Protea, to rock & sand textures I've sketched or photographed. These all reflect throughout Santhiya in various modern styles & patterns.

In what way do you keep up with trends?

Trends are an exciting part of designing. The more you research & follow, I believe the stronger a designer you become. From fashion to architecture, art styles to travel destinations, every avenue is an important influence to what's happening & what's coming up strong in future trends.

Where is your next adventure?

The next trip I'm really excited about it going to probably be a "round the world air ticket" excursion at the end of this year. I'll be heading out of LA to New Zealand first & then after Christmas with my family, I'll be flying via Singapore to South Africa to go spend the New Years with cousins I have there. It's a really beautiful place on the coast called Port Alfred in the Cape. After that it's New York & then back to LA. Lots and Lots of awesome places to collect design ideas & get some major inspiration for next year's design collections!

What do you love most about being a designer?

What I love most is being able to be creative, to explore new design techniques & constantly learning & finding ways to combine & interpret trends & fashions & nature into modern designs.

Brintons has been shortlisted in this year’s prestigious SBID International Design Excellence awards for our latest design collection Inspirations.

The collection has been selected by a technical panel of judges to be shortlisted in the Contract Product category. The public is now invited to vote online for their favourite entry, which will close on Friday 18 September at 5.30pm.

Released in May 2015, the collection has been designed based on three themes, including tropical, geometric and architectural by Brintons’ team of global designers. Bright colours and geometric patterns were combined together to create vibrant and overlapping designs, which inspired a range of mood boards that lead to the final creation of 12 individual pieces.

Designs featuring decadent leaves in shades of purple and pink are contrasted against rippling designs in hues of blues and greys to create a collection that truly reflects the harmony of the three inspirations.

People can register their vote for Brintons Inspiration Collections in this year’s SBID International Design Awards by visiting:

The London Design Festival runs from 19-27 September 2015 at various venues throughout the city. We love this event as it promotes creativity and every year provides an unmissable celebration of all things design.

We know that a fundamental and crucial element to any good interior design scheme begins from the ground up. When planning a new interior or building scheme thoughts automatically go to the floor finishings, regardless of what stage your building’s at. As construction work takes hold and the building starts to take on its skeletal phase, it’s time to start thinking about your flooring...

We want to showcase the raw beauty of carpet and its importance and functionality within the modern home. The Brintons 'Deconstructed Living' event will run between 10am-7pm on the 23rd and 24th September 2015 at 133-135 Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch.

A cross between an Art Installation and an Architectural Show with the main focus being a deconstructed skeleton of a building. Wool-rich carpets will form floating walls, floors and ceilings with architectural detailing added. Dividing walls will rise from the ground with carpet panels inserted. The display will sit seamlessly within an industrial setting and will hint at the manufacturing process of carpets too. If you are seeking a contemporary yet cosy way of living within the hustle and bustle of a big city we'd love to see you and help you fall in love with the beauty of a Brintons carpet.

Brintons showcased a ‘Best of British’ themed exhibition at Maison & Objet Paris’ 20th anniversary. 

The prestigious show ran from the 4th – 8th September and was the first year that Brintons had exhibited at the design event. 

Brintons displayed a design from its HD Weave collection that was created in collaboration with Cristian Zuzunaga. The collection allows up to 32 colours to be weaved together to create breathtaking photorealistic illusions. 

Our new Inspirations collection was also incorporated into the display, and the inspiration behind the range was based upon three themes including tropical, geometric and architectural, all designed by a team of in-house designers.

Anna Plumb, Europe Sales Manager for Brintons, comments: “Maison & Objet Paris has always been a key event, attracting designers, manufacturers and viewers to become fully immersed into the world of design. It was a fantastic and exciting opportunity to showcase our latest HD collection and new inspirations collection at the exhibition.

“This year we’ve had a very strong year launching a range of new collections as well as a plethora of bespoke carpets for a diverse range of commercial projects. It was a real pleasure to be able to showcase and promote all of our work at Maison & Object.”

Staff from Brintons donned their walking boots this bank holiday to help raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Motor neurone disease affects 5,000 people in the UK at any one time, with five people dying each week from the condition. That is why the team took on the challenge and raised over £900 for the charity, which dedicates its funds to promoting research and improving the care and support for people affected by MND.

15 people, including staff and family members, walked six and a half mile round challenge on Monday 31st August. The walk followed the Stourport Circular and the team completed the walk in just over two hours.

Sarah Draper, who coordinated the walk with Natalie Littlehales, commented: “It’s fantastic to see so many staff and family members take on this challenge to help us raise money for this worthwhile cause. It’s a charity that is close to many of our hearts and the work it does helps to improve the lives of many suffering with disease.”

To help support the team at Brintons visit its Just Giving page

Brintons were delighted to have Interior designers the 2 Lovely Gays and interiors stylist and editor Emilio Pimentel-Reid give a talk at Brintons London Showroom during Clerkenwell Design Week.

They discussed bespoke interiors as an expression of who you are and how it can be a place for growth and happiness. The talk focused on how to give people confidence by bridging the gap between the consumer and the interiors industry through collaborating with Brintons, and giving a platform for rising talents to create spaces that truly inspire. 

Boasting a wealth of creative agencies and more architects per square mile than anywhere else on the planet, Clerkenwell is truly the UK’s most important design community. To further cement the area’s reputation as an international creative hub, Clerkenwell Design Week has now become one of the most important events in the design calendar, hosting some of the world’s biggest design, architectural and creative names.

Clerkenwell Design Week 2015

Tartan has continually preserved it's popularity in fashion, being regularly used by designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney. Even Chanel used plaids as part of their London Fashion Week S/S show.

The trend for vintage style has grown in popularity for interior styling too. Tartan is a pattern that has the power to be both contemporary and traditional, funky yet classic and we have certainly seen it become more desirable in recent years for interiors. The traditional reds, greens and golds give the designs a rich natural quality with an air of modern grandeur.

Wool is also on trend right now and has the added bonus that it is a fantastic sustainable choice for flooring. It insulates your home, is easily recyclable and biodegradable, plus shearing sheep is essential for their welfare. Our Brintons blend combines 80% wool with 20% nylon meaning that your carpet is both luxurious to touch and hard-wearing for longevity. The collection is available from stock and is perfect for quick-turnaround projects where timing is of the essence.

For Spring 2015 we wanted to try something a little different and so have created a plaid series to appeal to urban environments. Our new City Plaids range gives a fashionable edge to this iconic design. We've used inspiration from Welsh Plaids and taken Harris Tweed tones to create a softer series. We think this works as a complimentary alternative to our traditional tartans from the existing Abbotsford and Abbeyglen ranges. Soft antique hues play together with cools blues and soft greys and have been jazzed up with a hint of hot pink.

Joanna Thornhill, Interiors Stylist says "For a touch of Highlands Chic, a plaid carpet gives a bold, grounding look to any space". Making a statement with your floor is more popular now than ever and we really see this particular trend continuing over the next few seasons. We hope you like the new City Plaids!

One thing you can be confident in is that plaid never seems to go out of fashion.

City Plaids

Brintons has launched its latest collection ‘Brintons Inspirations’. 

The designs have been based on three themes, including tropical, geometric and architectural, and a team of global designers worked to develop a range of mood boards to help feed into the final 12 piece collection.

The collection is available to view online as a digital PDF for clients to download and designs are also available on Brintons’ interactive Design Studio Online, which is a tool for designers and customers to instantly access and search designs. 

Brintons Inspirations

Brintons is celebrating its local heritage by exhibiting at the fourth annual Birmingham Made Me Expo, on the 15 - 19th June. 

Billed as the most important celebration of design led manufacturing capabilities and achievements in the region, Brintons will be showcasing three custom made carpets, which have been created in our Kidderminster factory.

One of the displays will be the award winning Deep Grid carpet, which was created in collaboration with designer Christian Zuzunaga. The carpet, which received the Wallpaper* Design Award for Best Pixilation, is currently available as part of Brintons Zuzunaga High Definition Weave collection. 

This is the fourth year in a row that Brintons has exhibited at the Expo, which is taking place this year at Millennium Point in Birmingham City Centre, and the four day event will include conference and workshops from the celebrated manufacturers, as well as shining a spotlight on emerging talent. 

Image top right: Brintons Zuzunaga Deep Grid Design

Image bottom right: Millenium Point, Birmingham

Birmingham City University showcased their final year student’s work at May Design Series, which was held between the 17 – 19th May at London ExCeL.

In its 7th year, the Trends exhibition presents the pinnacle of design with students creating a range of new designs inspired by two trends forecast by Global Color Research™ for Spring/Summer 2016: ‘Brink’ and ‘Tropic’. The project provides new inspiration and demonstrates how trends can be applied from original design thinking through to end product, it also allows students to create a unique portfolio of ideas from which to convey their employment potential. The trends project doesn’t just give an insight into future talent – it helps mould and support it.

Brintons collaborated with Birmingham City University to create a sample rug based on an original design by Constructed Textiles student Amy Newman; the rug was manufactured using Brintons revolutionary 32-colour High Definition looms. The stunning botanical design was created in response to the “Tropic” trend and has an all-over leaf design. Global Color Research™ named Amy's design Trends projects winner at the show.

The trends, which Birmingham City University students have interpreted are Brink and Tropic:


On the verge of something new and unknown, Brink looks to the past for conformity and reassurance, referencing classicism, the ultimate in ordered architecture, and currency as a physical expression of security. This trend is about craving for control, to be grounded in the face of global financial turbulence where it is constantly a case of survival of the fittest. A change is coming and so Brink delves in to our archive to evoke a sense of uncertainty. This is a trend on the edge, balanced by a thoughtful and reassuring colour palette.  


New discoveries are found at every turn in this nocturnal visit to a tropical garden. As its name suggests, Tropic takes heed of the region of earth surrounding the Equator; South America, Central Africa and South East Asia are all key references, but far from simply offering a literal influence, they suggest an energy, passion and optimism that celebrates the interaction of contrasting colours. There is a definite feeling of sanctuary and escapism in Tropic, where we hide within a dark cocooning environment yet find joy and comfort in pops of hot colour that are considered energetic. 

Image top right: 'Tropic' trend carpet on loom at Brintons factory, Kidderminster

image second right: Amy Newman with her Botanical carpet design from the 'Tropic' trend

Image third right: Birmingham City University stand, May Design Series, London ExCeL

Image bottom right: Botanical carpet design from the 'Tropic' trend

Brintons will be at the centre of the creative hub during Clerkenwell Design Week, where it will be showcasing a range of new designs as well as hosting a range of talks at the London Design Centre.

Brintons can now reveal its exciting schedule for the week, which is not one to be missed, and it is inviting design savvy visitors to visit them at its showroom on the 19th to 21st May.

19th May – 12pm - Designing for Woven Axminster Carpets - RIBA Accredited CPD Presentation

Visitors can explore the key aspects of designing for Axminster carpet production at the RIBA Accredited CPD Presentation, which will feature everything from the initial brief through the design process to installation, designing for Electronic Jacquard and how this can be used to produce complex multi-part, large-scale floorscapes in a variety of interiors. The history of Axminster and advances in technology will also be explored.

The talk will display how Brintons are continuing to challenge conventional design rules and promote a new way of thinking about how carpet is used in an interior space.

20th May – 12pm - “The Bespoke Interior” with the 2 Lovely Gays

Interior designers the 2 Lovely Gays discuss bespoke interiors as an expression of who you are and how it can be a place for growth and happiness. The talk will focus on how to give people confidence by bridging the gap between the consumer and the interiors industry through collaborating with Brintons, and giving a platform for rising talents to create spaces that truly inspire.

A question and answer session will follow with interiors stylist and editor Emilio Pimentel-Reid, placing a spotlight on design with the 2 Lovely Gays, discussing all that is current in the interiors and design world today. There will also be the opportunity for audience members to ask questions and be part of the discussion. 

21st May – 6.30pm - Exploring the archives with Talib Choudhry and Yvonne Smith

Talib Choudhry, interiors editor of the Telegraph Magazine, talks to Brintons' archivist Yvonne Smith about the relevance of historic archives in design, and how historical research helps to build fresh, new collections with layers of meaning and narrative. Following the talk on the 21st May at 6.30pm will be a drinks reception for a chance to unwind after the event.

Come and join Brintons at the heart of the UK’s design industry and see how we are continuing to challenge conventional design rules and promote a new way of thinking about how carpet is used in an interior space.

Brintons London Design Centre, 1 Sycamore Street, Clerkenwell, London, EC1Y0SF

If you would like to attend any of our events please email Sarah Draper, Commercial Marketing Manager,

Image top right: Brintons London Design Centre

Image second right: 2 Lovely Gays - Russell Whitehead and Jordan Cluroe

Image third right: Emilio Pimentel-Reid

Image fourth right: Talib Choudry

Image bottom right: Yvonne Smith, Brintons Archivist

Portland  + SRG Architects + Brintons = PDX Carpet Cult

In the 1980s Portland, Oregon was naive to the impending influx of computer related industry that the 1990s would bring. This boom in jobs brought with it a steady flow of young employers, web developers, and graphic designers. The culture was changing across the United States and left Portland one of the fastest growing cities in the 90s.

This cultural population shift would bring a surge of people into the PDX Airport – making the recent renovation of the airport from noisy, hard flooring – to the noise reducing wool blend of Brintons Axminster, a necessary change.

SRG Architects were tasked with the PDX renovation in 1987 and began conducting research on airports across the country with regionally inspired design concepts. SRG reached the conclusion of a geometric design based on the interpretation of the runway on the radio tower radar screens. The theme about flight catered to international travellers while the geometric design and saturated colors reflected the essence of the Northwest.

The design concept was brought into fruition when SRG specified Brintons to fill the airport with 28,000 square feet of Axminster 80/20 wool blend carpet, by the early 1990s the carpet was installed. This quintessential Portland design was translated in to a heavy-wearing wool carpet that would last for the next 20 years. The quality of Brintons Axminster product has presented the platform for this cult-like following to generate.

(See #PDXcarpet)

The PDX carpet will live on to surpass the brutal uprooting from it’s original home. PDX Airport implemented an application process and has chosen four different companies and organizations to donate the iconic carpet to. The carpet will continue it’s legacy as mouse pads, cat furniture, rugs, doormats, framed souvenirs, as well as, a multitude of other things.

Brintons is showcasing the ‘Best of British’ at the annual Cruise Shipping Event in Miami on the 16th – 19th March.

We have been exhibiting at the show for over 15 years, and will be displaying a bespoke marine carpet that has been woven with High Definition Weave Technology that was pioneered at our Kidderminster factory. The technology allows us to create stunning custom made carpets in up to 32 colours, with ultra-precise clarity.

We have a long track record working with some of the largest ship owners, shipyards and marine designers across the world, to supply both stock and custom solutions. Brintons’ specialist marine division has supplied carpet to more than 500 vessels, for use in public areas, cabins and corridors, and most recently has carried out an installation on the P&O Britannia, which launches in March.

Brintons offers full marine certification for cruise ships, ferries, yachts and other offshore installations, and all products are proven in the most demanding situations around the world. All Brintons’ marine products are supplied with Wheelmark certification, which shows that the carpet conforms to the IMO (International Maritime Organisation) and SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) requirements.

To learn more about Brintons and its range of marine certified carpets, visit stand 2201

50 Years of Bell Twist

24th February 2015

This year we are celebrating 50 years of our iconic Bell Twist series. Over the last five decades the original palette of 10 colours has increased to a collection of 50, including on-trend shades of greys, reds, blues and neutrals.

In 1993 Vivienne Westwood transformed Bell Twist carpets into iconic dresses in a campaign with Brintons. Later in 2003, renowned shoe designer Manolo Blahnik ciollaborated with Brintons on ‘The Most Luxurious Carpets in the World’ campaign.

Bell Twist’s unique depth and texture has always helped it bounce back cheerfully from the rigours of everyday life. We continue to use strong wool-rich yarn to create a permanent twist that makes this carpet a practical choice for any interior. Bell Twist is available from stock and is perfect for quick-turnaround projects where timing is of the essence.

Bell Twist colours pop up in our patterned stocked collections too making it a range that can happily be paired with the boldest damasks, stripes, florals or plaids. 

Image second right: Brintons Vivienne Westwood advertising campaign

Image bottom right: Brintons Manolo Blahnik advertising campaign

The grade I listed Sudbury Hall is a country house in Derbyshire which is owned and maintained by the National Trust.  Built in 1660 by George Vernon the house is notable for its superb Great Staircase, fine Long Gallery, and portraits by John Michael Wright.

Sudbury Hall was used by the BBC as the location for the Pemberley House in the 1995 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Erle.

Brintons was approached by Andrew Barber, Curator at the National Trust to identify suitable carpet designs for the staircase at Sudbury Hall.

Andrew visited Brintons extensive archive in Kidderminster to look for a design that complemented the style of the property.

A (late) Victorian design was selected, created in 1885, it features an allover floral design in rich red tones with a pretty scroll and floral border. The design was chosen from Brintons extensive archive, which dates back to 1790. It is one of the world's largest commercial design archives and historical pattern libraries in the industry.

Image top right: Yvonne Smith, Brintons Archivist with Andrew Barber, Curator, National Trust at Sudbury Hall

Image bottom right: Staircase at Sudbury Hall, Derbyshire

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