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New Vector collection designed for the hospitality sector

17th January 2013

The latest chapter in the Vector Concepts collection offers designs which have been carefully chosen for the hospitality sector, providing a new approach in the creativity and use of carpet in corridors and hotel guestrooms.

The designs in the new collection draw on the vast experience of Brintons Designers working globally with architects and designers in the hospitality sector and are illustrated in a way that shows the flexibility of the offer. Corridor designs are shown with complimentary designs used in the same ‘family’ in adjacent guestrooms. A variety of scales from designs that are almost ‘textural’ and organic through to large-scale designs, that will make a real statement in a guestroom are displayed throughout the collection.

This collection provides new ways to view designs in guestroom areas using either ‘flood plans’ or corridor and guestroom room sets. Designs follow themes from sumptuous contemporary takes on the classical style or sets of designs, which have an all over ‘sketchy’, feel designed to translate into a contemporary use of design and colour in public areas. All of the designs within the collection can be re-coloured or adjusted to your requirements, Brintons design team can help to develop any of the concepts illustrated in the collection brochure.


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