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Carolina Yacht Club

The remarkable transformation of this private club overlooking the harbor, takes full advantage of one of the best sites in the historic city of Charleston in South Carolina. The building, originally built as a Shrine Temple in the early 1960’s, was transformed into a high- end private club with spacious rooms that include a Ballroom, Informal Dining Room, Lounge and Formal Dining Room with full kitchen amenities and ancillary support spaces. New large exterior windows grace the interior spaces with incomparable views to the city’s harbor and historic sites in and around the harbor.

The members desired a timeless aesthetic that reflected the rich heritage of the city. Design inspiration drew from two sources: the southern traditional heritage and the rich maritime legacy. Brinton’s supplied beautiful wool Axminster carpets for the Ballroom, the Informal Dining Room, Formal Dining Room and the Private Dining Room. Maritime motifs were woven into these rich tapestry designs with forms that resemble rope detailing, mariner’s compasses, and other patterns and colors alluding to the maritime theme.

The very talented team at Brintons helped us achieve exceptional designs and the quality and customer service we received was wonderful!

Cameron L. Wilson

Principal-in-Charge, LS3P Associates

Project name Carolina Yacht Club
Project details 20,000 square yards
Designer Nadia Burton
Installed June 2013

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