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Carina Leagues Club, Brisbane, Australia

Located in the Eastern suburbs of Brisbane, the Carina Leagues Club started it's humble beginnings back in 1970. Over the last 20 years, the Club has tripled in size and underwent a multi-million dollar renovation. It encapsulates bistro dining, coffee shop, bar, gaming, TAB, kids club and function spaces.

Brintons worked together with Webb+ to create stunning Art Deco inspired designs that capture the luxury, decadence and indulgence of the 1920s.

Its ambient style was influenced by jewelry from this era; highly stylised, with geometric forms and ornaments. It is strongly symmetrical, which the designers used to breakdown these forms to create different levels of complexity.

The underlying colour influence for the space comes from the industrial nature of the era - metal colours used throughout the space are re-interpreted as precious metals, chrome and gold textures – shining with optimism, hopefulness and elegance.

The molten metal lurking in the background gives this design a touch of danger.

The synergy I find working with Deb at Brintons makes my job a pleasure – it’s invaluable to work with somebody who knows and understands you and your projects so well.

Rebekah Levison

Project Designer, Webb+

Project name Carina Leagues Club Brisbane
Designer Webb+
Installed 2014

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