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An example warranty statement for the **** region.

Warranty (APAC only)

Brintons Pty Limited warrants that from the date of installation and for a period of the estimated wear life stated on the warranty (Warranty Period), our carpets will be free from defects arising from faulty manufacture or the use of faulty materials. The carpets will conform to the quality standards and performance specifications relating to the quality specification used if installed in the prescribed location.

Brintons is an ISO 9001 2008 registered company for Quality Assurance, with procedures covering all aspects of carpet quality.

This warranty is provided on the basis that the carpet is purchased for a commercial purpose and is of a commercial grade.

Making a Claim

In the event of a complaint arising during the Warranty Period that can be shown to relate to a manufacturing fault, or the use of faulty materials in our carpets, then you may contact Brintons by:

  1. Sending a letter describing the nature of the complaint to PO Box 788, Geelong Victoria, 3220. Freecall: 1800 332 694; or
  2. Sending an email describing the nature of the complaint to

Any complaint must include your contact details and any invoice details for the purchase of any carpet under this warranty to allow Brintons to contact you regarding your claim. If the carpet has been installed, then proof of installation including details of installation date and installation method must also be provided to Brintons.

Assessing a Claim

Once any claim is made, Brintons will arrange a mutually convenient time to inspect the installed carpet to assess that claim.

If, after inspection, Brintons determines that the nature of the particular complaint is covered by this warranty, then Brintons will, at its discretion:


As with all installations, there may be specific areas that are subject to very heavy wear conditions, such as turning points and on stairs. Brintons recommends that you purchase additional carpet now so that you have stock to replenish these areas if required. Brintons recommend the use of barrier matting in line with Brintons cleaning and maintenance guidelines.

Excluded from this warranty

This warranty does not cover:

Pre-condition for this warranty

This warranty shall apply only to carpets that have been installed in accordance with the standard "AS/NZS 2455.1 Textile Floor Coverings – Installation practice – General" as amended from time to time and maintained in accordance with the Brintons cleaning and maintenance recommendations provided to you by Brintons.

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