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The best things in life are worth waiting for, but sometimes your schedule demands a faster turnaround. The Brintons QuickWeave offer allows for orders up to 1,000 square yards to be delivered within 8 weeks*.

To take advantage of this fast track service, contact your local rep or get started by following these quick easy steps:

  1. Visit Brintons Design Studio Online (DSO) and choose a pattern from the QuickWeave ‘Dash’ collection.
  2. Recolor your pattern using one of the three available QuickWeave palettes
  3. Send your new pattern to your local rep to get the project started.

* Standard lead-time from order placement is 8 weeks delivered to the East Coast, USA. Actual lead-time will vary depending on final destination.

Available Color Palettes

inception ™
  • A6467
  • A0461
  • A6468
  • A0463
  • A5400
  • A0462
  • A5401
  • A1351
  • A3159
  • A8236
  • A3160
  • A8237
  • A4213
  • A6465
  • A9078
  • A6466
sequence ™
  • A4001
  • A0001
  • A0003
  • A1002
  • A9001
  • A3001
  • A0004
  • A1001
  • A8001
  • A5002
  • A5001
  • A6001
  • A4002
  • A6002
  • A5003
  • A0002
aurora ™
  • A6056
  • A7003
  • A1004
  • A6050
  • A4050
  • A6055
  • A1114
  • A6041
  • A8028
  • A5111
  • A0024
  • A5096
  • A0122
  • A3003
  • A0111
  • A4038

What are clippings?

Clippings allow you to collect any images you're interested in, for later review or enquiry. To add an item to your clippings, simply select the paper clip icon above the image. Items already added to your clippings are indicated by a green tick icon above the image. You can return to, or delete, any clipping from the Your Clippings page by selecting View/Manage.