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Sanitized® anti-microbial

When you specify a Brintons healthcare carpet with our optional anti-microbial protection, you can be assured that there is clever inclusive technology at work helping to protect your hygiene and improve your comfort.


Comfort exists when you feel safe and completely relaxed. Carpets which carry the Sanitized® Quality Seal, make this perception of wellbeing possible. The effectiveness of the integrated hygiene function is long-lasting and reliable.

Breathe easily and relax. An encompassing sense of security is there for you and your family. Sanitized® provides a reassuring feeling of lasting freshness so that you can be certain that everything has been done to ensure perfect hygiene in your home.


The integrated Sanitized® hygiene function reliably and permanently equips material against bacterial and fungal growth depending on individual needs. By preventing unsightly mildew spots not only the optical appearance is retained but also the material structure. Unappealing mould stains do not appear and you benefit from an extended useful life. Active biocidal substance: benzisothiazolinone / octylisothiazolinone / permethrin.

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