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Unique impervious backing

Because we know how easy it is to spill a coffee, and because we know that very often coffee won’t be the only spills our carpets see; we’ve developed a unique impervious backing.

Added as an integral part of the manufacturing process, rather than glued on as an afterthought, a Brintons impervious back provides the ultimate watertight impermeability.

Tested to withstand the rigours of the British Spill Test, our impervious back prevents liquid ingress. This means when accidents do happen, the spill can be contained and cleaned easily, with nothing passing through into the fabric of the building.

The impervious back also makes more regular wet cleaning no big deal, so along with our anti-microbial treatment you have extra peace of mind.

Of course where regular spills of blood, urine or other bodily fluids are possible we would recommend Solution Dyed Nylon and our anti-microbial treatment are used in conjunction with the impervious back.

Our healthcare carpets can be seamed together effectively joining the backing of each piece of carpet together. This provides a continuous impervious layer. As Brintons healthcare carpets come in widths of up to 4 metres, many typical rooms can be covered with a single piece.

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