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Why choose Brintons Healthcare?

  • Brintons healthcare carpets offer a wealth of benefits and peace of mind:
  • ImperviousAdding our impervious latex means spills won’t make it through the carpet.
  • ProtectingAnti-microbial technology is added front and back - giving two layers of protection.
  • Soft and stableWe’re much less likely to slip and fall on carpet, and if we do the impact is lessened dramatically with a softer landing.
  • AcousticsSoft carpets mean less noise. Footsteps fall more quietly, and other noise is dampened in the soft pile.
  • Flammability PerformanceClass 1 rated US Flammability Test (ASTM E648-09a), certified within EN14041 European CE mark, and ISO 9239 radiant panel test. Australian standard AS ISO 9239.
  • Low resistanceA low pile height, and our integrated axminster production method, make it easy for all kinds of wheeled traffic to get going and keep moving; be that chairs, beds or equipment.
  • Anti-allergyCarpets are better for allergy sufferers – acting as a natural filter, trapping allergens until they are removed by the cleaning process. Adding our anti-microbial treatment enhances this effect.
  • InvestmentA well designed carpet adds value to a property. Both financially, by making the building more desirable to others; and emotionally by creating a better healing environment.
  • 80% Wool, 20% Nylon blend or 100% Solution Dyed NylonChoose our durable wool blend for the ultimate in comfort; or our fully synthetic alternative where bleach cleaning is required.
  • DesignIn a challenging design environment, our impressive pattern matching and controlled processes enable large areas of impervious backed carpet to be covered with striking designs, offering unlimited options.
  • Colour criticalFor colour fastness use Solution Dyed Nylon. For bespoke colours use our 80/20 wool rich blend which can be colour matched.
  • Long lastingBrintons carpets look good for longer, that’s why they are used in airports and other high footfall buildings worldwide.
  • Easy to cleanDesigned to be easy to clean, our cut pile carpet products help you keep them looking fresh. No matter what life throws at them.
  • Anti-staticBoth our 80/20 and Solution Dyed Nylon contain tiny conductive fibres. Protecting against electrostatic charges, for the duration of the product life.

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