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W Hotel, Sentosa Cove Singapore

The W Hotel in Sentosa Cove, Singapore is the epitome of visual delight. Straddling the borders between the cosmopolitan city life of Singapore with untamed nature surrounds that is found in Sentosa Cove, the W Hotel features some of Brintons most stunning design work. Incorporating Brintons’ carpets in the ballrooms, guest rooms, function rooms as well as the grand entrance stairs; it is a vibrant and colourful exploration that exudes luxury.

Working in collaboration with Rockwell New York and Axis ID Singapore, Brintons was given the brief to create a modern contemporary organic design, with a combination of texture and pattern. Essential was the need to have a chic style and attractive, cheerful colours. To achieve this, Brintons combined in house bespoke designs along with stunning Stacy Garcia designs.

Project name W Hotel, Sentosa Cove Singapore
Installed September 2012

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